Did You Know Hospitals “Sell” Body Parts?

Did you know that most hospitals traffic in body parts? Yes, you read that right! Hospitals across the country chop up dead people and are financially compensated for doing so. In an effort to make this practice sound more palatable, you typically hear it referred to as "organ donation." That's right, organ donation. What, it sounds different now? That, quite simply, is why it matters that so many news agencies used the "selling baby parts" terminology when writing about the anti-Planned P … [Read more...]

If the Planned Parenthood Shooter Was Not a “Faithful” Christian, the San Bernardino Shooters Were Not “Faithful” Muslims

I recently came upon some rather fascinating statements by conservative commentator Matt Barber. Here is what Barber had to say: Muhammad taught, and the Quran stresses, that a central tenet of Islam is to convert, enslave or kill the infidel. An infidel is anyone who is not Muslim or, depending on who’s doing the killing, belongs to a different sect of Islam. Those who fall into that elusive, perpetually mute category tagged “moderate Muslim” are also infidels or “idolaters.” They’re bad Muslim … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: We Need To Be More Like the Terrorists

I know, I know, I wasn't planning to write about Donald Trump again, and Trump is, well, Trump. But I am going to give in and write about him anyway, because one of the things he said in a recent interview is just too grossly wrong that I can't let it pass without comment. And I think that's because of the sheer hypocrisy of his statement.Here are the relevant comments:I mean, one of the problems that we have and one of the reason we’re so ineffective, is they’re trying to, they’re using … [Read more...]

Christian Terrorist Robert Dear and the Army of God

In the wake of last week's Planned Parenthood shooting, conservatives claimed that the shootings were unrelated to either abortion or that organization. Some claimed that it was actually a robbery, and that the shooting had started at a nearby bank and the shooter had merely fled to Planned Parenthood. This turned out to be false, and as more information has come out about Dear it has become increasingly clear that this was indeed an act of anti-abortion violence---a form of Christian … [Read more...]

New York Times Describes Robert Dear as “Gentle Loner”


Have a look at how the New York Times described Robert Dear, the Planned Parenthood shooter, in an article published over the weekend:For contrast, have a look at the way CNN introduced Freddie Grey, a young black man who died in police custody earlier this year, in an article yesterday:Robert Dear is a "gentle loner" while Freddie Grey is "the son of an illiterate heroin addict."Words matter. A lot.I have neighbors who are recent transplants from India. In speaking with t … [Read more...]

No True Christian: Robert Dear and Christian Terrorism

I've seen people claim that Robert Dear, the planned Parenthood shooter, was not a Christian. This despite the fact that he had crosses in his dwelling, reportedly was devoted to the Bible, and posted Bible verses and apocalyptic warnings on an online message board a decade ago. Frankly, I'm tired of this. When a Christian commits an act of religious violence, that does not implicate all Christians, just like when a Muslim commits an act of religious violence, that does not implicate all … [Read more...]

All-Options PRC: The New Pro-Choice Center on the Block

You've probably heard of "pregnancy resource centers." The term itself is the rebranding of the older "crisis pregnancy center" label. These centers tend to be run by pro-life groups intent on dissuading women from having abortions. When I was young, my mother spent time as a volunteer at one of these centers, counseling pregnant women and urging them against abortion. These centers have often been accused of using misleading advertising or coercive tactics to bring women in and convince them to … [Read more...]