Mike Huckabee (Apparently) Thinks the 14th Amendment Applies to Fetuses but Not to Black People

Republican National Convention

Okay, that's it. I have been studiously trying to ignore the Republican presidential primary, but I just can't anymore. Oh yes, you'd think Trump would have pushed me over the edge, but no! It was Huckabee! You may think the title of this post surely must be hyperbole, but bear with me here, because I have my reasons. Let's take a look at what happened, shall we?During an interview with radio host Michael Medved yesterday, Huckabee said the following: 'I’ve been just drilled by TV hosts ov … [Read more...]

Infertile Couple to Planned Parenthood: You’re Aborting Our Children

Newborn Baby Feet In Parents Hands. Love Simbol As Heart Sign

Via a link at Ladies Against Feminism, I came upon an article titled An Infertile Couple Experiences the Planned Parenthood Videos. Curious, I clicked through and read. The article by was a woman named Katie.My husband [Michael] and I just celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary. We are happy in our marriage—he’s a patient pastor, and I’m a restless writer—but I would be lying if I said that our life together weren’t punctuated with a persistent, quiet kind of grief. You see, we have … [Read more...]

That Jewish-Baker-Swastika-Cake Analogy Is Backwards


I recently came upon this quote by blogger Amethyst Marie: "What I'm really sick of is the "Would you expect a black caterer to work a KKK event?" or "Would you expect a Jewish baker to make a swastika cake?" rhetoric. First of all, you shouldn't have to be black or Jewish to find the KKK or neo-Nazis offensive. Second, WTF is up with this analogy? When have LGBT ever banded together to terrorize, imprison, torture, lynch, or commit genocide against Christians? If anything, the analogy should … [Read more...]

Marissa Jenae Johnson: Radical Christian, Palin Supporter

Johnson Jenae

Michael Stone of Progressive Secular Humanist here on the Patheos Atheist channel recently posted about the Black Lives Matter protesters who shut down a Bernie Sanders event in Seattle last week. I don't want to address the main thrust of Stone's post---except to note that black activists have plenty of good reasons to be upset with Democratic politicians---but I do want to address two specific points he made.First, this point:[P]erhaps even more damning, on her Facebook page, [Marissa … [Read more...]

Michael Farris Doesn’t Read the Bible (Apparently)


Three months ago, Dan Price, C.E.O. of Gravity Payments, a credit card processing company in Seattle, announced that he would no longer pay an employee less than $70,000 a year. Price hoped to ensure that all of his employees would have a minimum standard of living, and figured the publicity wouldn't hurt along the way. Yesterday the New York Times published a piece on Price's struggles since making that fateful decision, as two of his best employees quit, upset that newer and less q … [Read more...]

No, the African American Womb Is Not More Dangerous Today than during Slavery

most dangerous place

Several weeks ago I ran a four-post series looking at conservative theologian Doug Wilson's views of slavery and race. But there's one point I realized afterwards I left unaddressed---and it's an important point, because it's one often used by anti-abortion activists to inject race into the conversation. In his 2005 book, Black and Tan, Wilson wrote the following: Who cannot lament the damage to both white and black that has occurred as a consequence of the way in which slavery was abolished? I … [Read more...]

“Some Responsibility”: Evangelicals’ Shifting LGBT Rhetoric


In a recent Christianity Today article, O. Alan Noble wrote the following of Christians who have supported the Obergefell decision: Many supported the court ruling because for so long our culture has harbored contempt, disgust, and hatred for people who deviate from heterosexuality. This is a tragic and inexcusable legacy for which the evangelical church bears some responsibility. When you can get bullied or killed for being gay, it matters when people are willing to come alongside you. Do you … [Read more...]