Private Charity v. Public Welfare


As a rule, I don't like it when people say "this video will make you cry." So when someone sent me this link with those words, I determined not to cry. It didn't work. But this video also got me thinking about politics and differing points of view, and how our beliefs influence how we perceive things like this.Here in the U.S., far too many people call what happened in this video enabling dependency or giving people something for nothing. A man who spends his life giving to every … [Read more...]

A Call for Action: Ratify the UN CRPD!


In two recent posts, guest contributor Rachel Lazerus has examined Michael Farris' recent testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In that testimony, and elsewhere across the web, Farris has argued against the U.S. ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). In a sort of mission drift, Farris has been using his position as arguably the most prominent homeschool activist---he founded the powerful Home School Legal Defense Association---to expand … [Read more...]

Michael Farris’s Lies, Damned Lies, and Bad Sources: Testimony before the Senate on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Part 2


A Guest Post by Rachel Lazerus In his opening argument against the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Farris asserted that the pro-treaty side was not doing its due diligence and had not thoroughly analyzed the full legal effect of the law. “We don’t hear citations to articles of the treaty,” he intoned. “We don’t hear consideration of the reports, the concluding observations, by the Committee on the Rights to Persons with Disability. We don’t hear the kind of legal analys … [Read more...]

Sad but True


I remember when Mitt Romney became incensed that anyone would say that his homemaker wife had never "worked" even as Mitt Romney himself had argued that poor mothers shouldn't be allowed to stay at home on the dole because they needed "the dignity of work." I also remember Mitt Romney both wanting to pass a personhood amendment that would ban abortion and simultaneously blaming gun violence on single mothers. One of the reasons wrote my viral post about losing faith in the pro-life movement was … [Read more...]

The Homosexual Deathstyle; or, A Fixation on Gay Sex

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A couple years back, I watched a documentary called For the Bible Tells Me So, which looks at five Christian families with gay or lesbian children. Something one of the mothers said really struck me. She said that after her daughter first came out, and introduced her girlfriend, all she could think about was her daughter and her girlfriend having sex, and how disgusting that was. She said that over time, she was able to make a sort of peace with her daughter because she began to see more than … [Read more...]

Michael Farris, Child Abuse Denialism, and the Christian Homeschool Movement


In 2002 Stephen Baskerville wrote "The Truth about Child Abuse," in which he claimed that judges and courts grant women access to no-fault divorce in an effort to remove fathers from the home and thereby create situations where child abuse is more likely to occur in order to make work for government bureaucracy. In 2004, Baskerville wrote "Could Your Children Be Given To "Gay" Parents?" in which he argued that the government uses child abuse as a pretense to take children from loving … [Read more...]

The Father-Removing Gay-Procuring Child Abuse Racket

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[Trigger warning for child abuse denialism]I promised in my earlier article on Stephen Baskerville's Faith & Reason lecture that I would devote more attention to his views on child abuse. Here I am, ready to fulfill that promise! To summarize Baskerville: First, mothers are the true abusers and it is removing the father from the home that is the real cause of child abuse. Second, child protective services exists to take children from innocent heterosexual families and sell them off to … [Read more...]