The Word Is “Rape”

I recently read a rather horrific story about a teen girl held captive that brought up some serious concerns I have with the way the media covers rape. Take a look at this coverage from the Christian Science Monitor:A teenager held in captivity since early November was found Wednesday in the Missouri home of a 41-year-old man whom she had met online. The story is a chilling reminder to parents and teens that people encountered online are not always who they purport to be. Child safety … [Read more...]

The “Real Men” of Evangelical Christianity

I've run across a number of memes about what "real men" do. The most frequent seems to be that real men "protect" women rather than abusing them. This meme has bugged me because I'd rather have a man's respect than his protection. On a whim, I went to google, typed in "real men," and started scrolling through images. I found quite a number of these "real men" memes that were Christian-themed (most were probably created by evangelicals), and found myself cringing on a variety of levels.If … [Read more...]

When Courtship Means Regret

Over and over and over again as a girl, I was taught that marrying through a parent-guided courtship would mean I wouldn't have any regrets. My mom used to talk about her past relationships, before she met my dad, with a great deal of regret. She wished she hadn't done things she did and dated the people she did. She regretted it, she would tell me, and she wanted to save me from having regrets of my own. And the magic relationship secret that would save a couple from having any regrets was … [Read more...]

No, Modesty Does Not “Empower” Women

I recently came upon an article via Ladies Against Feminism titled 4 Reasons Modesty Empowers Women (And Porn Does Not). Let's start with the title. The title contrasts "modesty" and "porn," seemingly unaware that the two are not the only options, or that there is a huge difference between porn on the one hand, and an ordinary person wearing "revealing" clothing she just happens to like on the other.Now let's move on to the post itself:Modern women everywhere are taught that it’s pe … [Read more...]

Your Child’s Virginity Is None of Your Business

I recently came upon a wonderfully insightful blog post titled Virginity: As a Parent. It's one of those gems that makes the blogosphere so amazing---a lost written by an ordinary person on a small blog that makes so much sense you just have to share. Here is a statement for you...You child's virginity is none of your business.How about this way?Your child's virginity is NONE of your business.I had a woman in my life some years ago who, anytime she was talking about her teenager … [Read more...]

Breaking: Leadership of Josh Duggar’s Treatment Center Allegedly Involved in Sex Abuse Coverup

Earlier this week Josh Duggar checked into Reformers Unanimous (RU), a Christian residential addiction treatment program in Rockford, Illinois, run by North Love Baptist Church and co-founded by the church's authoritarian Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) pastor, Paul Kingsbury. Over the past twenty-four-hours, I have spoken with a number of individuals involved with or affected by either North Love or Kingsbury. Of primary importance are allegations that Kingsbury is actively su … [Read more...]

“Terrifying” Josh Duggar Porn Star Allegations Reveal the Depravity of Evangelicals’ Sexual Ethic

Earlier today, InTouch unveiled allegations by stripper and porn star Danica Dillon that Josh Duggar paid her for sex and then engaged in rough sex that she found "terrifying" and "traumatic." While Dillon described the encounter as consensual, she made it clear that she was not comfortable with what took place between them. You can read more here: “He walked into the Gold Club like a normal patron and said he’d been a fan for a long time and has watched my career grow — he even said from before … [Read more...]