The Beautiful Girlhood Doll, part 1: Faith and Fortitude

Girl reading the Bible

The spirit of beautiful girlhood is alive in the girl who, with courage and fortitude, perseveres through the many challenges of life. She realizes that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," and consequently, strives for the principled course of action.My parents saw us children as empty slates, and held that we had been given to them as gifts from God. At the same time, they believed that babies were born full of sin and ready to lead destructive, … [Read more...]

Introduction: The Beautiful Girlhood Doll

Children playing house in a garden

My parents started out as fairly ordinary evangelicals. My mother intended to go back to work after I was born, but once she held me in her arms she decided she could not bear to leave me with anyone else, and so she stayed at home.When I turned five, my mom could not bear the thought of sending me off to kindergarten. I was still so little, after all, and she did not want to be parted from me. She had heard of homeschooling, and, though she was still skeptical, she decided to give it a … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Me

I grew up in Christian Patriarchy. I was nourished on the Pearls, Vision Forum, and Above Rubies. I learned that a woman is always to be under male authority and that an independent woman is a dangerous thing. I learned that women should not have careers or even jobs. I learned that if my father died and I was unmarried, I would be under the authority of the eldest of my younger brothers.Like many families involved in Christian Patriarchy, my parents’ family was large, and though I could n … [Read more...]