Problematizing “Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage”

Ida B. Wells

Earlier today I posted this video at the end of a post on women and the vote:I am reposting it because in searching it on youtube and embedding it in the post I was suddenly confronted with something that I had not noticed before. Something I should have noticed before. Something I shouldn't have had to only realize after my eyes strayed to a youtube comment.The video has no women of color. While some white suffragettes believed in racial equality and at least verbally spoke in … [Read more...]

It’s about Compassion

Compassion. For me, being pro-choice is about having compassion. This is one thing my time spent volunteering as an escort at Planned Parenthood each week has really impressed on me. Every woman is an individual with her own story, and every woman deserves compassion and access to the tools she needs to build her life as best she can.The other week I stood by a car as a woman crouched behind it, begging for a way into the clinic that didn't involve having to walk by the yelling protesters. … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: How Would You Design Our Social Safety Net?

social safety net

I’ts that time of the month again! Head on over to Camels with Hammers to see Dan’s roundup of the posts written in response to his prompt on the ethics of cruelty two weeks ago, and with that said, it’s time to turn to our next Forward Thinking prompt.This month I want to do something a little bit different. For this prompt, I want you to imagine that politics is no obstacle, and then explain how you would build our nation's social safety net if you could start from scratch. (To give you som … [Read more...]

Who D’you Think Made Your Clothes?


When we (by and large) stopped having sweatshops in the United States, sweat shops didn't disappear, they just relocated. Today our clothes come from countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh, and they're still made under the horrific working conditions that caused things like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire a century ago. Our clothing is still made using child labor and working hours much longer than we would consider humane. Even though we like to think we are, we're not really any better … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: What Does Civic Responsibility Mean to You?

Civic Responsibility

Our first prompt involves an issue that is, I think, too often left undiscussed. It is my suspicion that differing ideas about the nature of civic responsibility and what all it includes often underlie political differences in ways we do not always recognize. I believe that we as forward thinkers would benefit from bringing this issue out of the shadows and discussing it directly and enthusiastically. And so, without further ado, I give you this month's Forward Thinking discussion q … [Read more...]

Social safety net? Heck no! Women must pay for sex!


Some responses to my post on losing faith in the pro-life movement have been thoughtful. Others have not. "No, Pro-Lifers Are Not Making Children Too Expensive to Let Live," written by Calvin Freiburger and published on Life Action News, is one of the latter. I’ll be addressing Anne’s argument that pro-lifers actually encourage abortion because the other policies of pro-life politicians make it more expensive to have children. That's not actually a bad summary of what I said in my post. My poi … [Read more...]

How the Catholic Church Made Me a Progressive


I grew up in an evangelical bubble. When I left this bubble to attend college, I found my beliefs challenged. When my evangelical beliefs began slipping through my fingers, I grasped for something to hold onto. I found that in Catholicism. When I first converted I was extremely conservative in addition to being very fervent and devout. I read the early church fathers and the catechism, Catholic apologetic books and the lives of the saints. Of course, this didn't last. All this is to preface the … [Read more...]