“Daylight Robbery”

Above Rubies

I was struck recently by this bit by Nancy Campbell, on Above Rubies: Last night my husband and I were talking to our daughter-in-law. My husband asked her, "What is your main reason for homeschooling? "I don't want to be robbed of the time I can spend with my children," she replied. And that's a lot of hours! During the twelve years of a child's schooling (before they even go away to college), they will be away from home for THREE full years of their life! And that's not counting day care o … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Introducing a New Review Series

Anonymous Tip

Guess what just came in the mail? That's right, Michael Farris's novel, Anonymous Tip. Today I begin a new series---I will be reviewing the book in installments in the same way I reviewed Created To Be His Help Meet.Michael Farris published Anonymous Tip in 1996. I read the book as a teenager star-struck by Farris. After all, my family had long been members of his organization, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). I read the organization's publication---The Home School Court … [Read more...]

The Holiday Season


So we have arrived in Christmas Month. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant December. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas! It's just that it bothers me when we as though including Hanukkah and Kwanzaa makes the holiday season somehow equal when it really doesn't. Take a look around---Christmas reigns supreme. Christmas is a Christian holiday. It is often marketed as a secular holiday, but it can't be entirely divorced from its longtime religious roots. I myself like the Christmas season. I may be an atheist, … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Stories and Traditions

Rockwell, Thanksgiving.jpg

For those of us in the U.S., today is Thanksgiving. For the majority of Americans, Thanksgiving is best summed up as a combination of family and food (and sometimes football). Today I want to open the floor for swapping stories and traditions.My mother used to put two kernels of corn on each plate, and remind us that the winter after the first Thanksgiving was actually one of starvation for the pilgrims, the result of the added load of a shipload unexpected newcomers. She used the kernels and … [Read more...]

The Lesbian Duplex 9: An Open Thread


I was going to start another general chatter thread (that's my "Lesbian Duplex" feature) when last night conversation on another thread turned to helping a specific longtime commenter, Mrs. Grizzley, figure out how to leave an abusive marriage. I'm dedicating this chatter thread to her and others like her. While I won't limit conversation here solely to this topic, I'd like to encourage conversation about recognizing and leaving abusive relationships.For those of you interested in helping M … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Blessings and Vessels

blessing vessels

Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 291Today is the very last page of Created To Be His Help Meet. In ClosingGod is awesome and terrible in his judgements. He is also full of mercy, and of grace. His strong desire is to bless his people, but too often by our "carelessness," we force him to judge. I believe he wearies of judgement. By our "carelessness"? That phrasing is just weird. It's like suggesting that child who is careless and spills something is forcing her mother to punish her. But … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: “I Am His Water”


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 288-89Believe it or not, next week will be the last installment of our Created To Be His Help Meet series. We're finally there---at the end of the book. I feel like we need to do something to celebrate---after all, I've been at this for over two years! I'm thinking about finding a way to better organize these posts, and writing some concluding posts summarizing key themes and concerns. I'm also thinking about what book to do next. I may put To Train Up A … [Read more...]