CTBHHM: Sodomite Predator


Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 266Now that we've finished with Michael's lengthy exposition, we're back to Debi. Practical ExamplesYou may still be confused as to when you are to obey and when not. We will list some of the questions and issues we receive in the mail and discuss them one by one. In this post, we'll look at her first example. Sodomite Predator(E-mail that was answered immediately)Dear Pearls,Something terrible is happening, and we do not have any friends … [Read more...]

Strong-Willed Child: Where Children Test Limits, Egads!


By VictoriaOriginally posted on Saving Victoria StrongThe Strong-Willed Child, chapter 1, pp. 16-18A quick note on my wording: it was most cathartic to write this section sort of like it’s an open letter in part to Dobson and in part to my own parents, hence usually referring to parents with the pronoun “you”. I’m not at all speaking to the good parents out there.This next section begins by discussing the fact that children test limits. “They (children) will occasionally disobey … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: It Is Acceptable to God


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 262-263 This is the last of Michael Pearl's section of Debi's book. In this section, remember, Debi's husband Michael is explaining, from the Bible, when there are exceptions from wifely obedience---and when there are not. This section is called "Enduring Suffering Wrongfully," and it's really, really bad. Michael begins by quoting I Peter 2:13-17.13 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether it be to the king, as … [Read more...]

Strong-Willed Child: Bullying Slumber Parties


By VictoriaOriginally posted on Healing Victoria StrongThe Strong-Willed Child, chapter 1, p. 16Remember how Dobson condoned bullying behavior from children yesterday? Well, now we shall see that Dobson raises his children to at least tolerate and possibly even perpetrate such awful behavior. It begins when his (at the time) fifth grade daughter has fourteen girls (classmates) over for a slumber party. “I met most of them (the daughter’s friends) for the first time that weekend, yet … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: God Does Not Override a Man’s Authority


Created To Be His Help Meet, 260-261We're in the section where Michael takes up the pen and explains the exceptions to the requirement for wives to obey their husbands. Last week we learned that it's all about spheres of authority---if a husband is inside his sphere of authority, his wife must obey; if he steps outside of his sphere of authority, his wife need not obey. But what is inside of the husband's sphere of authority and what is not? This week we learn the answer to that … [Read more...]

Q&A #1: Basic Questions and Conversations


This post is for 101-level questions and conversations about feminism, race, LGBTQ issues, disabilities, and related topics. General chatter should stay in the Lesbian Duplex, and discussions that focus on abortion should take place in Abortion Debates. If this is your first time in a Q&A thread, please read the post that marked the genesis of this feature---Whose Job Is It to Educate? If you are here to ask a question, remember that no one is obligated to educate you and be willing to do … [Read more...]

Strong-Willed Child: Children Value Strength


By VictoriaOriginally posted on Healing Victoria StrongThe Strong-Willed Child, p. 15The first paragraph of this section has left me shaking my head. We start this section by saying, “Everyone knows that they (children) are lovers of justice and law and order and secure boundaries. The writer of the book of Hebrew in the Bible even said that an undisciplined child feels like an illegitimate son or daughter, not even belonging to his family.” Hoo boy. Where to begin… Yes, children do … [Read more...]