Anonymous Tip: Meet the Foster Family


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farrispp. 66-68Okay, so you know what's interesting here? Farris portrays the foster family very positively. He says that "the transfer of Casey was tearful, but without hysterics," and explains that "the foster parents, Tom and Brenda MacArthur, were kind people who seemed to understand the trauma of all concerned." This seems to run a bit against the whole "foster care is horrific and scars children" narrative so common in anti-CPS circles. I … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: In Which Peter Is Good with Kids


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farrispp. 65-66Having completed their lunch, Gwen and Peter head back to the conference room at the courthouse to meet Stan, June, and Casey. Gwen and Peter made it back to the conference room before Casey and her grandparents. Peter stepped out to the clerk's office and used the phone to tell Sally that he would be about twenty minutes late. He asked that she apologize profusely to the clients and suggest that they begin reading their … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: In Which Peter Says Too Much


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael FarrisLast week we got to listen in on social worker Donna having lunch with her silver spoon soon-to-be lawyer boyfriend. Today we get to listen in on good-mom Gwen having lunch with dashing-lawyer Peter. In the upper level of the Flour Mill, Peter Barron was anxiously awaiting the chance to hear the story of Gwen Landis. They got outside seats on the deck of Clinckerdagger's Restaurant, an upscale establishment with an Old English motif. . . … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Donna Tells All


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farris  Last week Gwen bumped into a new lawyer, Peter Barron, and they headed off to talk about the case over lunch. This week we pick up with Donna, who is also having lunch out. Two disparate couples discussed the same lawsuit over lunch in the Flour Mill that day. The ancient grinding mill, perched on the banks of the Spokane River, had been turned into an upscale mini-mall of gift shops and restaurants.Down on the lower level of the mi … [Read more...]

The Lesbian Duplex 15: An Open Thread


It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! If you have a link or article or interesting thought that’s not relevant to an ongoing thread, you can share it here. If a conversation on another post has turned entirely off topic, you can bring it here also. Every so often, as the number of comments on a given Lesbian Duplex post becomes unmanageable, I put up a fresh post. I’ve added a “chatter” tab under my blog banner that will direct readers to these discussion threads, so no one will have to wo … [Read more...]

Evangelical Rhetoric and the “Church of Gay Dominance”


Evangelicals aren't going down without a fight, are they?Marvin Olasky of World Magazine is upset that Jennifer Schoenrock, a deputy clerk in Missouri, was fired for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples---and that the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (AUSCS) did not defend her.You might think that AUSCS, which in previous decades wanted to restrict government power out of concern that officials could then impose a state-sponsored belief s … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Gwen Gets Rescued


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farris Last week, we left Gwen running into the parking lot crying after skeezy lawyer Bill Walinski attempted to coerce her into a "cozy" relationship with him. One reader rewrote the exchange in a way that gave Gwen a backbone, and the difference between book Gwen and backbone Gwen was startling. Backbone Gwen would file a complaint against Bill and then look into legal assistance or start thinking about ways to raise money to hire a new lawyer. … [Read more...]