Anonymous Tip: Meet the Prosecutor


Anonymous Tip: A Review SeriesLast week we began chapter 2 of Michael Farris's novel, Anonymous Tip. In the opening pages of the chapter, Donna, the social worker, hatched a plan with her supervisor, Blackburn, to frame Gwen Landis for abuse in order to remove her daughter Casey from her home. Remember that Donna forced her way into Gwen's home on the basis of an anonymous tip, and there found no evidence for abuse. In spite of this, Donna wants to take Gwen's daughter Casey from her. Why, … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Donna Hatches a Plan


Anonymous Tip: A Review SeriesWhen we finished chapter one last week, it would seem that social worker Donna Corliss's investigation of an anonymous child abuse tip made against Gwen Landis had finally come to its conclusion. Donna used fraudulent means to get into Gwen's house (which included lying to both the police and to Gwen), and then forcibly strip-searched young Casey as she screamed. But they found no bruises, and while Gwen admitted that she sometimes spanked Casey with a wooden … [Read more...]

Things HSLDA Opposes: Marriage Equality

groom cake

View series intro here, and all posts here.HSLDA opposes marriage equality. This is perhaps the oddest entry of my "Things HSLDA Opposes" so far. By and large, we have been able to link HSLDA's opposition to things that are not homeschool related---such as required eye examinations for public school students---to their position on parental rights. This one seems more removed. And yet.HSLDA helpfully explains this position in a page titled Why HSLDA Is Fighting Same-Sex Marriage. Let's t … [Read more...]

On Silencing and Dogmatism and Blogging


As an ex-evangelical and blogger, I am sometimes accused of having exchanged one form of fundamentalism for another. There are other arguments I run into that are similarly problematic. There have been some incidents in the past week where commenters have accused myself or other commenters of retaining fundamentalist thinking or of silencing disagreement, and these accusations are always frustrating.So let's clear some things up, shall we?Being told you are wrong is not the same thing as … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Where Things Go Haywire


Anonymous Tip: A Review SeriesAs you may remember, we are reviewing Michael Farris's 1996 novel, Anonymous Tip. If you have missed the series so far, you still have time to catch up---we are only a few weeks in. Let me review for a moment, to make sure what has happened so far is still fresh in everyone's minds!In the first installment, Gordon called the child abuse tip line to make a false report on his ex-wife, Gwen, regarding their four-year-old daughter, Casey. He didn't give his n … [Read more...]

Things HSLDA Opposes: Required Medical Exams for Public School Students


Click here to read the full series.While researching for this series, I came upon this from Illinois in 2009:Summary: Amends the School Code. With respect to the requirement that children enrolling in kindergarten have an eye examination, requires the use of dilating drops for the internal and external examination. HSLDA’s Position: Oppose.No explanation, nothing. HSLDA has absolutely no reason to weigh in on this at all. It does not affect homeschoolers in any way. That they di … [Read more...]

HSLDA, Champion of Gay Teens?


Telling half truths was easier before the internet---as was covering up past missteps.Back in September, a ThinkProgress article noted the following: One common attack on HSLDA has been that its work often extends to topics that are not directly connected to the rights of homeschoolers … In the 2006 [sic], the group even lobbied for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. A statement on the group’s website explained that because “Same-sex marriage attacks the traditions of the f … [Read more...]