The Breaking of a Child: A Story of Near Disaster


The next day was Tuesday. Hope did not say please and so did not have breakfast, lunch, or her bottle. By late afternoon Hope had now gone for forty-eight hours—two straight days—with nothing to eat or drink but a single six ounce bottle of milk. By that time she was beginning to act strangely. Her usual vivaciousness had disappeared. She lay on the couch listlessly, uninterested in playing or even reading books. I sat and held her in my arms, worried. [Read more...]

The Key to the Liquor Store


One response to the stories of pain and abuse being aired at Homeschoolers Anonymous is that the problem isn’t homeschooling, it’s fundamentalism. Or, the problem isn’t homeschooling, it’s abusive parents. But I’m not buying it. The idea that homeschooling is this totally unrelated thing and not a key factor that is complicit in creating abusive and oppressive situations is ludicrous. Allowing fundamentalist or abusive parents to homeschool their children is like giving an alcoholic a key to the liquor store. [Read more...]

HSLDA’s Defense of Child Abuse


HSLDA has made a name for itself defending parents’ right to spank their children—an odd activity for an organization nominally devoted to protecting the legality of homeschooling. While HSLDA literature continually talks about the importance of defending parents’ use of “reasonable” corporal punishment, the organization has never taken the time to define just what constitutes “reasonable” corporal punishment. [Read more...]

Purity Culture and Staying in Abusive Relationships

relationship abuse

There is one part of the purity doctrines that I don’t think has been talked about often enough, and that is that the emphasis on sexual or emotional purity leads women to stay in abusive relationships rather than leave, because if they leave, having given up their sexual and emotional purity, they will be ruined and no other man will have them. This reality was recently elucidated in a rather moving post by Samantha of Defeating the Dragons. [Read more...]

HSLDA’s Stonewalling of Child Abuse Investigations


In this third installment in a series on HSLDA’s role aiding and abetting child abuse, we learn that HSLDA encourages its member families to do whatever they have to to prevent social workers from talking to their children alone, has pioneered legal strategies aimed at enabling parents to stonewall child abuse investigations, encourages children and parents alike to regard social workers with fear and suspicion, and portrays child abuse investigations themselves as abusive. [Read more...]

Saving Children from Africa: A Quiverfull Adoption Fad


Remember how little Lydia Schatz, disciplined to death by her parents, was adopted from Liberia? This wasn’t an abnormality. It was actually kind of a thing in quiverfull homeschooling families. I knew this growing up, because I noticed the trend in quiverfull publication Above Rubies, which my family began subscribing to sometime in the 1990s. We’re now hearing just what became of those children—and it’s not pretty. [Read more...]

Dominance and Submission or a Cooperative Partnership?


Supporters of patriarchal gender roles and hierarchical marriage relationships often argue that feminists want to pit men and women against each other, but what they don’t realize is that by turning marriage into a relationship based on dominance and submission, they are the ones pitting men and women against each other. In seeking equality, feminism envisions relationships built not on dominance and submission but rather on communication and cooperation. [Read more...]

Guest Post: Focus on the Family: Feminism is “the way of death”

1 woman servant

In this two-part series, Samantha offers her thoughts on a Focus on the Family radio interview with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian, authors of True Woman 101: Divine Design. DeMoss and Kassian’s book is more mainstream than is Debi Pearl’s Created To Be His Help Meet, but the messages laid out here are chillingly similar. Part II focuses on women’s role as humble and obedient servants. [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll (Re)Invents Patriarchy

father daughter

The fact that Driscoll can’t even see that we might be able to work towards a society where there are fewer abusive boyfriends and sexually harassing bosses, or work to empower women to value and protect themselves and refuse to put up with any such shit from the men in their lives, makes me want to strangle something. Mark Driscoll may think he has has some new improved attractive version of patriarchy to sell to his flock, but the stuff he’s peddling has been around for millenia, and it hasn’t gotten better with age. [Read more...]