Answers in Genesis: God Is Making People Gay Because of Abortion

I just read an Answers in Genesis article whose argument is so simple and elegant I can't believe I hadn't heard it before. Namely, the article explains why it suddenly seems like there are gay people all over, when this wasn't the case in the past---and it does so by bringing together the perfect conservative bogeyman of gay marriage, abortion, and the removal of school prayer. I have to admit it---I was impressed by the ingenuity. Will God just turn a blind eye to this ongoing genocide? Has … [Read more...]

Answers in Genesis: Are we more moral than God?

This week a read an article in Answers in Genesis' Answers Magazine asserting that if you think God's cruel for sending people to eternal torture in hell, well, you just don't truly understand God's goodness (yes, yes that is indeed their argument), and a post by the Slacktivist in which muses that it must be awful to believe that God isn't as loving as you want him to be. Reading these two in tandem brought to mind the "wager" I created while exiting religion. So hang on to your seats as we set … [Read more...]

I Believed That Dinosaurs Still Existed…

The Friendly Atheist is shocked that some creationists use Nessie as proof of creationism. Just when you think you’ve heard it all.I want everyone reading this to take a moment to compose yourself.  This is going to be an extremely serious discussion topic.  Because the Fundamentalists have seized the Loch Ness Monster. … [Read more...]

Answers in Genesis wants to have its cake and eat it too

I noticed a few short articles in the July-September 2012 issue of Answers in Genesis that I found interesting (page 13). Here is an excerpt from one called Hoosier Hopes Dashed: Though Answers magazine has never advocated forcing public school instructors to teach creation, at a minimum teachers should have the freedom to present significant problems with evolution. Such academic freedom would serve the best interests of all scientific research and teach students to think analytically, rather … [Read more...]

Rebutting Ken Ham’s Response

So you remember my Why I Am An Atheist post from last week? Apparently it came to the attention of Answers in Genesis researcher Dr. Georgia Purdom. She wrote a blog post bearing the title Answers in Genesis and Libby's Journey to Atheism in response, and then Ken Ham himself picked up my story and wrote his own response. I will respond to each, starting with Dr. Purdom's post since it came first.1. Creationism is only based on the Bible, physical evidence is irrelevant Libby seems to have … [Read more...]

Creationism: Fitting Science into the Bible

Growing up, I honestly thought that creationism was a scientific theory. I thought that if you looked at the evidence out there and evaluated it honestly and without bias, it would point to a young earth creation. I thought that if, say, a Muslim or a Hindu or a Taoist looked at the earth without preconceived evolutionary ideas, they would conclude that it was created six thousand years ago and destroyed by a flood fifteen hundred years later, and that genetics similarly showed that humans all de … [Read more...]

Creationism Evolves

Thee was a time when creationists simply argued that Neanderthals and all the other "supposed" missing links in human evolution were simply fakes. They continuously argued that these bones were hoaxes. When it comes to Answers in Genesis, though, the argument regarding human evolution has changed. Or, one might say, evolved.Today, rather than denying the existence of Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon Man, Homo Erectus, and Homo Floriensis, Answers in Genesis argues that the descendants of the eight … [Read more...]