Does the Bible make people atheists?

I'm often confused by two assumptions I have heard many atheists make: first, that Christians don't actually read the Bible, and second, that if they did they couldn't help but see the inconsistencies and atrocities and become atheists. Why am I confused? First, because while I'm sure there are plenty of Christians who don't read the Bible, everyone in the evangelical community where I grew up read it on a daily basis, and not just the easier books like the Gospels. Second, because I read the … [Read more...]

Latebloomer on “Bible Irony”

Latebloomer recently wrote about what she called "Bible Irony," and it made me think of my own experiences. As a fundamentalist Christian, I was absolutely certain that the Bible was the inspired word of God, the only reliable source of truth.  I believed that the Old Testament existed to point ahead to Jesus, and that the New Testament revealed salvation through Jesus' sacrifice.  Obviously, with such an important message, the New Testament must have had a beautiful, miraculous, clear, and q … [Read more...]

Omniscience, the Trinity, and Free Will: Why I can’t believe

An Answers in Genesis article, "Was the Cross 'Plan B'?", poses the following question: Was Jesus's death on the Cross a result of God's best-laid plans gone wrong? Did human sin take God by surprise? Was there an emergency plan B forced upon the Creator of the universe after the Fall in Genesis? The article answers this question as follows: No, Jesus went to the Cross exactly as God had intended before the world began. ... Jesus is the very design and accomplishment of God's eternal wisdom. … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: The Unforgivable Sin

The Unforgivable Sin, by Sierra of The Pheonix and Olive BranchSierra's post reminded me of my own post on the subject:Salvation Anxiety and the Unforgivable SinIf you grew up in a religious family, what were you taught about the unforgivable sin? I ask because what Sierra was taught about it is very different from what I was taught about it, and that makes me wonder just how many different interpretations pastors are out there teaching! … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: The Bible


How often did you, your siblings, and your parents read the Bible? Were you guided by your parents or pastors in how to interpret the Bible, especially certain passages, or were you generally free to form your own ideas about what the Bible said? Joe: Suffice it to say that I have read through the whole Bible about forty times.  We were required to read it daily after school. During the summer months, while on summer vacation, we had to read it every morning before breakfast.  Our i … [Read more...]

Sex Abuse, the First Stone, Judge Not, and All That

On Sunday I put up a post about Voice of the Martyrs' president, Tom White, who recently committed suicide in the midst of being investigated for allegedly sexually molesting a ten year old girl. This post generated a lot of comments, mostly from conservative religious commenters who are not, to my knowledge, regular readers of my blog. I've collected together some of the comments I received and have put them together into a post. I will finish with a short dictionary of arguments that … [Read more...]

Creationism: Fitting Science into the Bible

Growing up, I honestly thought that creationism was a scientific theory. I thought that if you looked at the evidence out there and evaluated it honestly and without bias, it would point to a young earth creation. I thought that if, say, a Muslim or a Hindu or a Taoist looked at the earth without preconceived evolutionary ideas, they would conclude that it was created six thousand years ago and destroyed by a flood fifteen hundred years later, and that genetics similarly showed that humans all de … [Read more...]