The Numbers on the Scale

I was incredulous as I stared down at the number. My brother-in-law's scale must be broken, I concluded. There was no way I weighed more now than I did when I was nine months pregnant with my son. A week later I found myself on a scale again, curious. This time it was a scale at my parents' house. And there they were---the same numbers.I weigh more today than I did before giving birth to Bobby two years ago. I got rid of my scale several years ago. In fact, until last week I hadn't been o … [Read more...]

A Mannequin Like Me

I recently had a need for some new professional clothing, and I went from shop to shop in the local mall looking at my options. In every store window were mannequins, white and plastic and slender.Not like me. I'm big boned and curvy. Every time I would see a cute outfit, I would find that when I tried it on it looked nothing like it had on the mannequin.But then, I was so used to seeing mannequins like these---tall and skinny---that I directed my annoyance at my body, not at the mannequins. … [Read more...]

What Is “Sexy”?

Danielle of From Two to One has posed a question: What does sexy mean?  She and I both know the dictionary definition, of course, which is usually something like "sexually attractive or exciting" or "sexually suggestive or stimulating." But things are are often further contextualized than a simple dictionary definition allows.One thing Danielle said especially resonated: In my middle school and teen years, sexy increasingly meant something both powerful and unsafe. It was powerful in that … [Read more...]

Kate Winslet on Body Image

I just today came upon this image and wanted to share:"As a child, I never heard one woman say to me I love my body. Not my mother, my elder sister, my best friend. No one woman has ever said, I am so proud of my body. So I make sure to say it to Mia, because a positive physical outlook has to start at an early age." ~ Kate WinsletI love this sentiment. It's so true. Expect more blogging on this topic to come! Raising a daughter in our society today can be complicated. … [Read more...]

On Body Image and Superheroes

Right after Thanksgiving and heading into the holidays, right now might not seem like a very good time to talk about body image. But then again, maybe it's actually the best time to talk about body image.As you probably already know, I had a baby last summer. Let's just say that my body image was at an all-time low. And it didn't help that Sally would sit on my lap, poke my abdomen, and say "your belly is squishy, mommy"! I have always had a horrible body image. As a teen, I was convinced … [Read more...]

I Wear A Bikini (Gasp!)

Earlier this summer, I watched two teenage girls playing in a pool. They were both carefree, both playful, and both fairly new to their suddenly womanly bodies. The first wore a bikini, the other a one piece swimsuit with a high neckline and shorts. The first was an exchange student from Europe, the other my sister. As I watched the exchange student frolic in her bikini, innocently and without a care in the world, I wished that I had been able to be so comfortable in my body so early. It is … [Read more...]