Raised Quiverfull: Stay at Home Daughters


In what ways were boys and girls in your family raised differently vocationally (i.e., the boys pushed toward careers and the girls pushed toward homemaking)? How did this play out as you came of age (apprenticeship, college, staying home, etc.)? Joe: The girls were not allowed to go to college.  Not until they escaped from the prison anyway.  Also, for years, Mama hated the idea of college due to Bill Gothard's ignorance, and forbade any of the boys to plan their secondary education.  But, as … [Read more...]

Pro-Life Song Misses the Point

I just came upon the lyrics to a pro-life song. It's called "Mommy Don't."“I could lie in your arms on a snow bound afternoon you’d sing songs to me and God and make up pretty little tunes I’d wipe away all your tears and make you laugh at your lost career Oh, Mommy, Mommy don’t” Wow, what honesty! So, woman who is unintentionally pregnant, just ditch your career and have your baby! It'll be worth it, we promise!  … [Read more...]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Most people start asking themselves that question early. It starts out in preschool, with talk of being fire fighters, doctors, or police. By senior year of high school, the question is asked increasingly frantically. But I didn't ask myself that question until I was in my early twenties. Until then, I had only seen one option: I would be a wife, mother, and homemaker when I grew up. Suddenly and for the first time asking myself, in my early twenties, what I wanted to be when I grew up was … [Read more...]

The Stay At Home Daughters: A Dream Greater Than Stardom?

Do you remember my post on diminished dreams? I recently came upon a book called Joyfully at Home on the Vision Forum website, and I think the promo has to be the saddest thing I've read in a long time: By age fourteen, Jasmine Baucham’s little-girl dreams of becoming a mommy were supplanted by bigger visions of winning the Pulitzer Prize or an Oscar and appearing on Oprah. She began viewing the calling of home and marriage as second-rate. Then her world was radically challenged by the S … [Read more...]

The Expendable Man

Today, I re-watched Bollywood’s retelling of Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice. Just like in the original story, Bride and Prejudice revolves around a young woman eager to leave her family and her small town and begin a life of her own. How is this to be achieved? Through marriage, of course.  Somehow this all rang more true in Jane Austen’s original, when the women wore long dresses and had no options outside of marriage. But Bride and Prejudice places the story in modern day In … [Read more...]

Diminished Dreams

Many of those in the Christian Patriarchy movement believe that girls should not go to college. Thankfully, my parents did not believe this. My parents both had college degrees, and they believed that a good education was extremely important. Therefore, my homeschool program was rigorous and quite adequate, and I left for college on an academic scholarship. It sounds like I escaped the detrimental effects Christian Patriarchy can have on girls’ educations, doesn’t it? Don’t kid yourself. … [Read more...]