Catholics, Evangelicals, and Sexual “Purity”

Yesterday I posted an email from a reader about a speaker at her Catholic high school. I spent some time dissecting a number of the things this reader reported that the speaker said, and spoke briefly about the differences and similarities in evangelical and Catholic teachings about sex, purity, and marriage. Today I want to get into these differences in a bit more depth and look a bit further at this particular speaker---Jason Evert---and his organization.Jason Evert has an MA in theology … [Read more...]

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Pope Francis Presides over a Church Still Fighting to Keep Accused Sex Abusers from Going to Trial

Over the past week, I've seen a lot of lauding of Pope Francis' efforts to fight poverty, global climate change, and war. There is very little recognition that the Catholic church is involved in lobbying against laws that would extend the statute of limitations, allowing victims of sexual abuse that occurred decades ago to find justice. Statutes of limitations in some states are as little as two to three years, which has made it impossible to prosecute priests (and others) for past sexual abuse. … [Read more...]

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A Letter from Jesus and Living in Fear

I wrote earlier this week about the way even Christian homeschool kids aren't immune from peer pressure---or from picking things up from the culture that surrounds them. In that post I quoted from an article by Lorraine Espenhain, a Catholic homeschooling mother, in which she explained why her children are so lonely---because she has isolated them from any children who are not also both Catholic and homeschooled----and why she thinks their loneliness is okay.But as several readers pointed o … [Read more...]

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Why the Pope’s Recent Comments on Limiting Family Size Were Not Actually “Compassionate”

While in college, I converted to Catholicism. I went through the full process and was received into the Church. I still have the dress I wore that day. As a newly married Catholic, I relied on natural family planning (NFP) to plan and space out my children. Even after I found that I no longer believed in God, I continued using NFP, largely because I liked that it was natural and I was taught growing up that artificial birth control was little better than poison. While today I have an IUD, I used … [Read more...]

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Whence Opposition to Birth Control? An Illustration.

I've written before suggesting that if pro-lifers are consistent, they should be in favor of birth control. And indeed, there are some who are. But there seem to be more who aren't, and that is only more true when it comes to Catholics. I recently came upon an illustration that explains how Catholic pro-lifers can be anti-birth control, and anti-abortion at the same time.Click the illustration to view it larger. For those who can't view the image, let me offer a brief description.On the … [Read more...]

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