Abortion, “God’s Plan,” and “Selfish” Women

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I've often said that when I was pro-life it was because I honestly believed the embryo/fetus was a person with a soul. This is true, but there's something more. The reality is that I had no idea what women who found themselves with unplanned pregnancies faced. I had no understanding of the reasons someone would choose to end a pregnancy.I was raised by a stay at home mother who had baby after baby without ever a threat to her health or the family's finances. No pregnancy was planned, but … [Read more...]

Last Child or Second of Many?

"Do you know what you're having yet?""Yes, it's a boy.""Perfect! One of each!"The assumption, of course, is that I'm done. I can't tell you how often I get this. People find out I'm expecting, find out it's a boy and that I already have a girl in preschool, and they assume I'm done. Two kids, one of each, the perfect American family. It's not that I'm necessarily not done, it's just that having been raised in a family influenced by the ideals of the Quiverfull movement, it's hard … [Read more...]

Kids, Commercials, and Focus on the Family

I wrote the other day about the problems of using children as political pawns. The Friendly Atheist spotted another example of this that I thought I would point out, namely Focus on the Family's commercial during the football game last weekend, which consisted of children reciting John 3:16 Click the link to see the video and an analysis of how this sort of thing comes across to a non-believer. Here are the two best points: When you don't have logic and evidence on your side, just go for an … [Read more...]

A Little Child Shall Lobby Them

This little girl was one of dozens of children brought to the Ohio statehouse last week to speak on behalf of the "heartbeat bill" that, if passed, will ban abortion past six weeks (to put the time frame into perspective, the day you miss your period you are technically already four weeks pregnant). These children also passed out teddy bears that play the sound of a fetal heartbeat to each Ohio congressman. This could have been me. No wait, strike that, this was me.I began marching the … [Read more...]

Submitting to Parents, Submitting to God

I knew that Michael Pearl tells his followers that their children must learn to submit to them or they won't learn to submit to God, but the truth of this didn't hit me until just now. Let me explain.Here are things parents following the Pearls' child training methods say to their children, and indeed things that were said to me growing up:"Don't ask questions, just obey.""Obedience is more important than understanding.""Just accept that we know better than you because we … [Read more...]

“A Religious, Authoritarian Culture”

I just came upon an article called "Are you raising your children in a religious, authoritarian culture?" and I thought you all might find it interesting. The author, Janet Heimlich, has written a book called Breaking Their Willon religious child abuse. She has also written an article on Michael Pearl. What I found most interesting about this particular article, though, was that Heimlich gives a list of ten beliefs held by "religious, authoritarian cultures." I thought I'd use this article to go … [Read more...]

Child Rearing: From Cog to Individual

When I got married, I had left behind my parents' fundamentalism and evangelicalism, but I did not realize how many of their other beliefs, especially related to Quiverfull, I still retained. I believed that women should be allowed to choose their own beliefs and their husbands, but I had not yet fully embraced feminism. I could not fathom the idea of having a career and still planned to have eight or so children. I still saw daycare and public school as evils and planned to homeschool. I still … [Read more...]