More Blatant Hypocrisy from Chris Jeub


Last year, many in the homeschool alumni reform movement were encouraged by the support of Chris Jeub, a homeschooling father of 16 (and author and speaker) who denounced "patriarchy" and urged other homeschooling parents to listen to our concerns. But then Chris's daughter Cynthia began blogging, and we learned that Chris was saying one thing and doing another. (I wrote about this at the time.)Today, I want to call out another a piece of hypocrisy on Chris's part. This week the Montgomery … [Read more...]

Growing Up Jeub


I have written several blog posts about the Duggars and their beliefs, and each time have had commenters defend the Duggars and tell me that their family must be happy and functional because they look happy and functional on screen. This is a problem. As I've noted, the Duggars follow and promote the parenting methods of religious leaders who teach that corporal punishment must be used to break children's wills, that children should be required to smile and not allowed to show the slightest neg … [Read more...]

Lourdes Torres, Christian Homeschooling, and Consent


I recently came upon an excellent example of what I was talking about when I wrote my "The Tale of Two Boxes" post several years ago. Homeschool leader Chris Jeub had this to say in a recent blog post titled "Patriarchy Has Got To Go": In a nutshell, Phillips is being sued by his former nanny, someone he knew for over a decade and was very close to the Phillips family. Her lawyers have graphic details of Phillips forcing himself sexually, and Phillips’ lawyers are denying little of it, claiming … [Read more...]