Was Slavery a Good Thing? Examining Doug Wilson


Sometimes I see a story come up and wonder if I should weigh in. Sometimes the same story keeps coming up, passed around the blogosphere that I read. That's what happened this last week, and it's time I finally weigh in. The stories, which are both different and yet related, involve the Bible, slavery in the Old South, and the stoning of rebellious children. Today I'm going to handle slavery, and tomorrow stoning of rebellious children.Blogger JT brought up the opinions on slavery held by a … [Read more...]

Fixing the Relationship between Faith and Politics


What's wrong--and what's right--with the role of faith in American politics today? This is a big and complex question, and this post is simply an attempt to offer some thoughts. In it I will address two things that I see wrong with the role of faith in American politics today and two critical areas I believe may help improve the relationship between faith and politics. Feel free to share yours as well or to seek to extend what I've written here. Problem #1: The necessity of paying lip s … [Read more...]

How We Talk about the Poor


The way the poor are talked about in this country is absolutely reprehensible. And the fact that this goes on in a country in which a vast majority of the population follows the teachings of a man who spent his time absolutely blasting the rich while hanging out with the poor and the dregs of society is beyond baffling.My husband and I are graduate students. We are raising two children on our combined graduate student stipends. We don't pay federal income tax, but we do pay sales tax and … [Read more...]

Raised Evangelical: Veronica’s Story


A post in the Raised Evangelical series.Section 1: Introduction Question 1: Please introduce yourself before we get started, providing a brief snapshot of your background an overview of your beliefs today.My name is Veronica. I'm currently 35 years old. I was raised by my parents as an Evangelical Christian, and took part in church life all my youth. Today I define myself as a Secular Humanist, which I have for the past 4-5 years. Before that I considered myself an agnostic. My t … [Read more...]

Today I Saw the Life Chain

Life chain 2

I was driving home from running some errands when I saw it. A person holding a sign standing beside the road. Then another, and another. It only took a moment to realize what it was. I honestly don’t think it took any cognition. I just knew.Life Chain.Sign after sign held high for those in passing cars to see. For me to see.Abortion Kills Children.Pray to End Abortion.Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.Person after person after person lined up beside the road, one after a … [Read more...]

“This is the most important election of all time!” (again)

Republican Fear Tactics

You've probably heard by now that if Obama wins a second term we will become a socialist nation, gun ownership will be made illegal, our country will be unrecognizable by the end of his term, and on and on. If you listen to leaders on the Right it sounds like this election is the most important election of all time and that all of America's freedoms are staked Romney defeating Obama. There's just one problem. I remember 2008.In 2008 prominent Christian Right group Focus on the Family put out … [Read more...]

Quiverfull families and the federal income tax


I found Romney's obtuse comment that the 47% of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes are all dependents on the government and will vote for Obama no matter what extremely ironic. You know why? Because most families in the Christian Patriarchy/Quiverfull movement don't pay federal income taxes, and there is no way any one of them would consider voting for Obama in their wildest dreams (rather, they generally see him as pure evil) or consider themselves dependent on the government, for … [Read more...]