Pro-Life Song Misses the Point

I just came upon the lyrics to a pro-life song. It's called "Mommy Don't."“I could lie in your arms on a snow bound afternoon you’d sing songs to me and God and make up pretty little tunes I’d wipe away all your tears and make you laugh at your lost career Oh, Mommy, Mommy don’t” Wow, what honesty! So, woman who is unintentionally pregnant, just ditch your career and have your baby! It'll be worth it, we promise!  … [Read more...]

Rhetoric Matters: On the Capture of “Family Values”

The Slactivist wrote recently about how conservative evangelicals have been working to an exclusive claim on the label "Christian," quoting from an article by Timothy Noah of The New Republic to make his point: A 78-percent majority of Americans is Christian. Only about a third of them self-identify as evangelical, which is a very rough proxy for the Christian conservative minority that increasingly insists on being called, simply, “Christian.” Such totum pro parte synecdoche de-legitimizes mai … [Read more...]

Homeschooling: An Educational Option or an Identity?

Because I see drawbacks to homeschooling and intend to send my children to public school, I am often painted as "anti-homeschooling." But I don't really see myself like that. In fact, I have never ruled out the possibility of homeschooling at some point in the future. After all, if public schooling somehow goes horrifically wrong for my young daughter, I will look at what other educational options were available - private school, charter school, homeschool.I think this is where I differ from … [Read more...]

As Anti-Abortion Activists Make Headway, Shock Abounds

I've heard from so many people, especially women, who are utterly shocked at the progress anti-abortion forces have made in the last year and a half. Left and right bills are being passed that limit women's ability to obtain abortions.The latest one in Georgia outlaws abortion after 20 weeks, with exception only given for pregnancies that are "medically futile" or threaten the mother's life. There are initiatives to bestow personhood on zygotes and fetuses taking place all over the country. … [Read more...]

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: The “Evils” of Girl Scouts

In Part 1 I discussed recent media attention given to opposition to the Girl Scouts, but as an excellent Slate article points out, and as my experience verifies, this opposition has been going on for years. Conservatives have long been accusing the Girl Scouts of promoting "witchcraft," "lesbianism," and "paganism," as well as of being a subversive tactical arm of Planned Parenthood or even the United Nations. In fact, there are a myriad of websites detailing the Girl Scouts' links to Planned Par … [Read more...]

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: The Recent Controversy

A few weeks ago an image started circulating on facebook, urging people not to buy girl scout cookies or support the girl scouts. Here it is below:On facebook at least, I saw a lot of shock, not at the girl scouts but at the people who put together this flier. Who could be against the girl scouts? my friends asked incredulously. Girl scouts are cute! And they sell cookies! And they do nice things! But I wasn't shocked or the least surprised, because none of this was new to me. … [Read more...]

The “Homosexual Agenda”

I was (probably unwisely) perusing the conservative Catholic blogosphere, and it has started to get to me. I've read numerous blogs talking about the "homosexual agenda" that is taking over the country and oppressing everyone else. I remember being taught this growing up, to the exact minutia. Reading about it now, though, it makes me angry.You know what the "homosexual agenda" is? Gay people want to be able to live their lives without threat, hold jobs without fear of being fired for their … [Read more...]