The Problem with Confrontational Atheist Tactics


If you hang out in the atheist blogosphere during the month of December, you'll probably hear a lot about challenges to nativity scenes on public property. Often these challenges involve atheists arguing that if nativity scenes are allowed on public property, they should be allowed to put up displays too - along with members of other religions too, of course. In some cases, atheists have won this challenge and been allowed to add their own displays next to nativity scenes on public property. … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: On Expectations

worthwhile reads

When I post a collection of blog posts and articles that I consider "worthwhile reads" I generally try to come up with a theme that unites them. These three posts all have this in common: They all deal with expectations. Danielle dissects an e-card on fathers and daughters, Haley explains that parenting is about being willing to let your children write their own lives, and Vjorak asks just what evangelicals and fundamentalists mean when they argue that Christianity has been "banned from the … [Read more...]

Interpreting the Constitution like the Bible


I was raised to be an originalist. When asking what the constitution meant, we were always to look at the "original intent" of the founding fathers. PZ has just offered a perfect example of this: That man [Scalia]  is a dangerous lunatic. He’s got a theological dedication to insisting that the US must be run exclusively by the 18th century principles of the Founding Fathers — even when he’s willing to consider limitations on the ownership of weapons, he gives it an unbelievable twist. The justi … [Read more...]

Republicans, Muslim Schools, and the Separation of Church and State

You've probably heard the story by now. It's been going around the internet for the past week or so, I think. Apparently a in Louisiana Muslim school applied to receive students with vouchers under a new law there. And, predictably, Republican lawmakers - those who had pushed the voucher law in the first place - freaked out. In their minds, giving state money to fundamentalist Christian schools is just fine and dandy - some might say it's the reason behind the new voucher law in the first place - … [Read more...]

Answers in Genesis wants to have its cake and eat it too

I noticed a few short articles in the July-September 2012 issue of Answers in Genesis that I found interesting (page 13). Here is an excerpt from one called Hoosier Hopes Dashed: Though Answers magazine has never advocated forcing public school instructors to teach creation, at a minimum teachers should have the freedom to present significant problems with evolution. Such academic freedom would serve the best interests of all scientific research and teach students to think analytically, rather … [Read more...]

In God We Teach: A Documentary

Thought you all might find this interesting. It's a documentary about a court case over a history teacher's proselytizing in the classroom.  … [Read more...]

“Religious freedom” is not a get out of jail free card

There's something that's been bothering me for a while now, especially with the Hosanna-Tabor Supreme Court decision last month and the Catholic Bishops'  push back against the Obama Administration's regulation requiring that every insurance plan offer birth control without co-pays. It's this: religious individuals seem to think "religious freedom" is a get out of jail free card.Religious freedom means you are free to believe as you like. It does not, however, mean that you are free to do as … [Read more...]