CTBHHM: What is a “help meet”? (In the KJV)


Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 24Debi finishes this her first chapter with a memo on the background of the word "help meet." I sort of feel like this should have come earlier, given that most people I've mentioned the book to find the term odd. The word help meet appears in the KJB just two times - Gen. 2:18 and 20. However, it is the translation of one word - ayzer - which is found 21 times in the Hebrew Bible. Other than being translated "help meet" two times, it is translated just plain … [Read more...]

CTBHH: Subordinate, But Not Inferior


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 23-24 The role of being a perfectly fit helper does not make one inferior to the leader. Okay, so think back to everything we've read so far. Debi says that women were created to be men's helpers. She also says that when a woman obeys her husband, she is being obedient to God, that when she reverences her husband, she is reverencing God, etc. And now, coming right on the heels of all of that, she is insisting that women are not inferior to men. This is key, … [Read more...]

CTBHH: In Which Debi Twists Scripture

twisting scripture

Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 21-23Debi starts by looking at the Genesis story of the creation of Eve. She explains that Adam was completely delighted that God gave him Eve as a gift, and that every woman's husband should similarly be delighted in having her as a gift.And then comes this nasty bit: When you are a help meet to your husband, you are a helper to Christ, for God comissioned man for a purpose and gave him a woman to assist in fulfilling that divine calling. When you honor … [Read more...]

CTBHH: Women’s Created Purpose


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 21 God gave Adam the most precious gift a man will ever receive - a woman. ... If you are a wife, you were created to fill a need, and in that capacity you are "a good thing," a helper suited to the needs of a man. This is how God created you and it is your purpose for existing. You are, by nature, equipped in every way to be your man's helper. You are inferior to none as long as you function within your created nature, for no man can do your job, and no man is … [Read more...]

CTBHH: The Jezebel Type


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 19-20Debi starts Chapter 1, "God's Gift," with her signature act: A letter she received from a reader. This letter provides an excellent illustration of why women are drawn to Debi's advice. Dear Mike and Debi,I want to thank you both for explaining what I was doing to my husband. I was definitely a Jezebel type... Debi doesn't say which article this reader was writing in response to, but given her reference to "Jezebel" she is almost certainly replying … [Read more...]

CTBHH: Debi Knows “God’s Plan”

God's Plan

Created to Be His Help Meet, pp. 15-16In this section, Debi explains what she's going to do in this book and she doesn't mince words. This book reveals God's plan for obtaining a heavenly marriage. Debi believes she has the answer. She knows God's plan. This isn't simply her attempt to pass on some wisdom she has gained, or to give you some tips to try in your marriage. Oh no. "This book reveals God's plan." Ans where did Debi gain this knowledge? I am not an accomplished, professional* … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Michael and Debi Pearl’s Whirlwind Romance

Michael and Debi Pearl

Created to Be His Help Meet, pp. 13-15 Once upon a time there was a silly young girl who grew up to learn what it means to be a help meet - God's secret for a heavenly marriage. I start this book with the words "Once upon a time" because it really is a wonderful story come true. It should, and could, be your story too. It is God's gift to every woman. This is how Debi begins her introduction to her book, Created to Be His Help Meet. I'm sure a literature major could write yards about the way sh … [Read more...]