CTBHHM: One Ugly Hillbilly


Throughout her book, Debi’s attitude toward women is bizarre. In this passage, Debi tells a story to illustrate her point about the importance of having a cheerful spirit. But like all of the stories Debi tells, this one comes off as just, well, off somehow. [Read more...]

CTBHHM: In Which Debi Almost Gets Something Right

flirty preschooler

Debi Pearl encourages women to have a “cheerful spirit.” On the surface, this actually sounds like good advice – it’s a lot more pleasant to dwell on the positive than the negative, and cheerfulness is uplifting, attractive, and contagious. The trouble starts when Debi begins describing just what she means when she tells women to have a “cheerful spirit.” [Read more...]

CTBHHM: What is a “help meet”? (In the KJV)


In this passage, Debi Pearl finally explains what the term “help meet” means. It turns out that her use of the term is dependent on her adherence to the King James Bible. In this post I examine an article in which Michael Pearl explains how he came to the conclusion that the King James Bible is the only inerrant Bible and that both the Greek texts and other English translations are in error. It’s a giant conspiracy, and you don’t want to miss it! [Read more...]

CTBHH: Subordinate, But Not Inferior


In this passage, Debi explains that wives are subordinate to their husbands, but are not inferior. I find this distinction strange. More than that, she offers a number of comparisons to the relationship between husband and wife, comparisons that make me wonder a bit about her theology. Finally, she explains just what the life of a “help meet” is to be. [Read more...]

CTBHH: In Which Debi Twists Scripture

twisting scripture

It’s not often someone twists and distorts a Bible passage so badly that they literally make it mean the opposite of what it clearly and obviously means. But in this passage, Debi does just that. I untangle the knot Debi has made of this particular Bible passage and reveal that it actually speaks against essentially everything she’s writing about. [Read more...]

CTBHH: Women’s Created Purpose


Here we learn the purpose of women’s existence – we are “gifts” from God to man. I compare Debi’s ideas about the relationship between husbands and wives to antebellum ideas about the relationship between masters and slaves and we learn that women wearing pants leads to the disorder and collapse of society, Debi style. Finally, Debi thinks her husband has quite the wit. Because telling corny jokes makes you witty, amirite? [Read more...]

CTBHH: The Jezebel Type


Debi starts her first chapter with a letter from a reader. This reader explains that she realized after reading one of Debi’s articles that she was a “Jezebel type.” What is this “Jezebel type”? In this post, we explore this reader’s letter and Debi’s earlier letter to answer that question and reveal what it says about how Debi views women – and men. [Read more...]

CTBHH: Debi Knows “God’s Plan”

God's Plan

In this passage of Created To Be His Helpmeet, Debi explains that she knows God’s Plan. We will learn where Debi learned God’s Plan and explore why her ideas might be attractive to evangelical and fundamentalist women – including one scholar’s suggestion that submission can be empowering. Also, Debi once threw rocks at her husband. [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Michael and Debi Pearl’s Whirlwind Romance

Michael and Debi Pearl

“Once upon a time there was a silly young girl who grew up to learn what it means to be a help meet – God’s secret for a heavenly marriage. I start this book with the words ‘Once upon a time’ because it really is a wonderful story come true. It should, and could, be your story too. It is God’s gift to every woman.”This is how Debi begins her introduction to her book, Created to Be His Help Meet. What I don’t think Debi realizes is that the original fairy tales were generally dark and foreboding, not the cheerful chirping birds of the Disney versions. [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Michael Pearl’s Stamp of Approval


When evangelical or fundamentalist women like Debi Pearl write marriage advice manuals for good Christian women, they have a problem. They’re female. How do they solve this problem? Actually, they’ve developed a fairly simple solution. [Read more...]

Shall I review Created to Be His Helpmeet?


I have recently started reading Fred Clark’s reviews of Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series on his blog, The Slacktivist, which has put the idea of reviewing Created to Be His Help Meet in my mind. Basically, Fred is going through the Left Behind books slowly, a few pages a post, and posts once a week. What I really like about his reviews is that they are both highly analytical – pointing out severe problems with the theology, worldview, and text itself – and rather humorous. I would like to do the same for Created to Be His Help Meet. [Read more...]