Sexual Assault in Cologne and Sexual Assault at Home

Earlier this week, Hemant Mehta published an article titled We Can’t Ignore the Cultural and Religious Roots of the Cologne Sexual Assaults. While I largely agree with his post's content, I want to add something to his analysis. Hemant begins his post as follows: On New Years Eve, in the city of Cologne, Germany, what was supposed to be a night of celebration turned disturbing very quickly.We’ve learned that hundreds of women may have been sexually assaulted or had their property stolen that … [Read more...]

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What No One Said about Rey (Star Wars Spoilers!)

By now most of you have probably seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opened on December 18th. My daughter has been pretending to be Rey nearly constantly since seeing the movie, and my son has spent all day today telling everyone he comes in contact with that he is BB8. (At three, I think the robot BB8 is actually the character he identifies with most strongly.) Learning proper light saber usage (can you say Christmas presents?) has suddenly become very important in our household!I have … [Read more...]

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WWJD Bracelets, Veggie Tales, and Evangelical Culture

One thing about being evangelical was that you didn't believe in any of those sacred objects or rituals that Catholics did. Evangelicalism was all about faith. Sort of. See, just because we didn't believe in actual sacred objects or rituals didn't mean we didn't actually have objects or rituals. Have you ever been in a Christian bookstore? Have you ever worn a WWJD bracelet? Have you ever listened to Christian contemporary music? Have you ever played the Bible edition of Apples to Apples? … [Read more...]

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