Things Women Hear in the Church


When I read blogs written by Christian feminists, one feeling I get is that the church needs to shut up, to stop talking to women, and to start listening to women. Because to be perfectly honest, the advice the church gives women is terrible, and it’s usually (though not always) given by men, is terrible. In this post we look at advice that women should stop whining and get married already. [Read more...]

Do Joshua Harris’s Books Contain “Valuable Advice”?

boy meets girl 2

Joshua Harris wrote a series of books on sex and relationships for an audience of evangelical young people. I grew up on these books and frequently write about how the things he advocated in them messed up my approach to both sex and relationships. A few weeks ago, a self-identified Christian feminist blogger responded to one of my tweets about Joshua Harris by writing a post explaining all the positive things she learned from his book. I respond. [Read more...]