What is it with Disney?

This weekend I watched The Little Mermaid, and, just like Tangled, there are parallels here, too. Nothing as blatant, maybe, but it's there.Ariel's father forbids her from contact with humans. But Ariel is not content with life under the sea - instead, she is fascinated by humans. Then Ariel makes contact and finds they're not so bad. In fact, she falls in love with one. How does her father respond? He freaks out completely. He lectures Ariel, telling her that humans are all the same, that … [Read more...]

Diapers, Crowd Control, Parenting, and Me

When I had my daughter, I didn't have the sort of jitters most new parents have - the fears about not knowing what to do, about breaking the baby, about embarking on a whole new unfamiliar journey. Why? Because I'd already raised more children than the vast majority of parents ever will.When I was in high school, I met a man with two young children, and when he heard how many siblings I'd had and the role I'd played in raising them, he said "I think you have more experience with this than I … [Read more...]

Beautiful Girlhood v. Courageous Boyhood

Remember how I centered my story, The Beautiful Girlhood Doll, on Vision Forum's qualities of beautiful girlhood? Well, I just today found out that Vision Forum also has a list of the qualities of courageous boyhood.Before I begin my side by side analysis of these qualities, can I say how much it bothers me that girls are to be "beautiful" while boys are to be "courageous?" Of course, when they speak of beauty they are speaking of the inside not the outside, but still. This dichotomy is … [Read more...]

Your Virginity is YOURS – Not Your Daddy’s

I just came across this:Golden Isles Father Daughter Purity BallYou really should go to the link and look at the pictures. Let me give you some examples below:Here's the thing. I have nothing against a girl deciding not to have sex until marriage, but that needs to be her choice. It's not her dad's choice, not her pastor's choice, not her mom's choice, not anyone else's choice. If a girl decides she wants to not have sex until marriage, it's her … [Read more...]

Taking Dominion by Doing Laundry

Vision Forum talks a lot about things like multigenerational faithfulness (i.e., your kids should be clones of you) and the importance of taking dominion (i.e., take over the country and institute Biblical law complete with stoning). Naturally, then, they put out resources on topics like "Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters."It appears from the cover of this DVD that daughters take dominion by doing laundry. Nice. I mean seriously, thought goes into cover images like these (we … [Read more...]

My Life, as told by Disney

My all time favorite Disney movie is Tangled. When I first watched it, I cried and cried. I couldn't understand how anyone could produce a movie like this without knowing about the stay at home daughter movement, because in my eyes, that's what this movie was about. Rapunzel has grown up in a tower, secluded from the world. She has now about to turn 18. The movie begins with Rapunzel's routine housework, which sounds exactly like the life of a stay at home daughter, minus the caring for … [Read more...]

Half An Army?

I have a sister who would make a better drill sergeant than nurse, and yet she plans to study nursing. This sister could be a CEO or a military officer or a politician, but she has never even considered being any of those things. She literally does not realize they are options. Nursing in contrast is an acceptable feminine pursuit, and besides, once she marries she plans to stay home and have children as is expected of her. The Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull goal is to return this … [Read more...]