Evangelicals Admit Confirmation Bias for David Barton

So you may remember that a few weeks ago Thomas Nelson pulled David Barton's book, The Jefferson Lies, upon learning that the book contained inaccuracies. Historians have known for years that David Barton does shoddy history. What is new is that a growing number of conservative evangelical organizations that before took Barton's words as gospel truth are now questioning him. And why this is happening is fascinating - and instructive.David Barton is the Ken Ham of history. He's got an agenda - … [Read more...]

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David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies pulled by publisher

I wasn't going to write about this but I think I need to. I was raised on David Barton's historical revisionism, studying from his books and reading his literature. Barton argues that mainstream historians have it wrong, and that the founders really were all devout evangelical Christians who intended to found a Christian nation. In a move reminiscent of creationism, Barton essentially argues that mainstream historians are engaged in a cover up, but that he can give you the real story.Well, C … [Read more...]

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