Jamie Wight, Maranatha, & Sexual Predation Unrecognized


In recent weeks, I have been writing posts about evangelical theologian Doug Wilson's troubling way of handling child molestors and abusers. And by "troubling way of handling," I mean that Wilson has a habit of writing to judges requesting leniency for men on trial for sexually abusing children. Wilson remains an influential evangelical theologian who is supported by such prominent evangelical theologians and organizations as John Piper and The Gospel Coalition, yet what recent weeks have r … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson: Jamin Wight Not a “Sexual Predator”


Oh boy. So I've written before about Doug Wilson's excuse-making for serial child molester Steven Sitler, but I haven't written much about the other child abuser in Doug Wilson's closet---Jamin Wight. Long story short, while Jamin was a student at Doug Wilson's seminary and boarding with a Christ Church family, he sexually (and psychologically) abused the family's daughter, Natalie, for years, beginning when she was 13 years old. Jamin was ten years the girl's senior.When the abuse came to l … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson: Steven Sitler Is Not a Child Rapist


Remember last May when the Duggar parents gave an interview in which they noted numerous times that their son, Josh, had only molested his sisters over their clothes (except for that one time when it was under, but only for a few seconds)? “This was not rape or anything like that," they insisted in an obvious effort to minimize what Josh had done. Well, Doug Wilson took a page out of their playbook last week when he wrote the following: The twittermob has been circulating numerous untruths, amon … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson Explains Why He Oversaw Wedding of Serial Child Molester


In a recent blog post, evangelical theologian Doug Wilson explained why he married pedophile Steven Sitler to a woman in his congregation four years ago, calling on God to bless them with children. (For background on this story, see here and here.) Or at least, he thinks he explained it. He really didn't. Fortunately, his explanation does give us more insight into how Wilson views child molesters.Throughout the post, Wilson continually puts pedophilia in the same category with adultery and h … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson’s Pedophile Problem: The Root of the Issue


I posted yesterday about Steven Sitler, a convicted serial pedophile who attends Doug Wilson's Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and is back in court over concerns about the safety of his infant son. My post was long, and quoted at length from a number of sources. When readers pointed out that the court's finding that “(Sitler) has had contact with his child that resulted in actual sexual stimulation" likely referred to Sitler being sexually aroused by his son rather than to him molesting his son, … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson’s Pedophile Problem: Sex Offender For Whom Wilson Begged Leniency Back in Court with Infant Son


[Update: There is some disagreement over whether Steven Silter molested his baby or became sexually aroused by his baby. Regardless, the judge found has found it necessary to remove Sitler's wife from serving as a chaperone due to her failure to report "report disclosures" to the court. I have edited my post slightly to reflect the language used by the court.]I am really really really not happy to be writing this post. As in, seriously not happy. I've mentioned before that several years back … [Read more...]

No, the African American Womb Is Not More Dangerous Today than during Slavery

most dangerous place

Several weeks ago I ran a four-post series looking at conservative theologian Doug Wilson's views of slavery and race. But there's one point I realized afterwards I left unaddressed---and it's an important point, because it's one often used by anti-abortion activists to inject race into the conversation. In his 2005 book, Black and Tan, Wilson wrote the following: Who cannot lament the damage to both white and black that has occurred as a consequence of the way in which slavery was abolished? I … [Read more...]