“Hi, my name is … nutrition?”

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Hemant Mehta has an article today about atheists who are anti-abortion. Hemant's piece includes this quotation from a member of the group Secular Pro-Life: “When the sperm meets the egg, a genetically complete human being is formed, and all that is required for maturation is time and nutrition.” Yeah...Nutrition. So that's what they're calling women now.Sure, you could say the statement is technically correct, though overwhelmingly simplistic. The problem, though, is that the framing of the s … [Read more...]

Awesome Comment Award: Emjb on how fetuses are made


I don't awesome do this, but sometimes a commenter says something truly awesome that deserves repeating. Here is what emjb had to say after reading today's post on the erasure of women in the rhetoric of the anti-abortion movement. One thing that was powerful to me was when a pro-choice woman pointed out that a fetus doesn’t just grow *in* a woman’s body, it is *made from* a woman’s body. Fetuses literally use the blood, food, and energy of the woman to build their own bodies. They are not separ … [Read more...]

The Pro-Life Movement, Erasing Women Edition


Yesterday I posted an image of a postcard distributed by abortion opponents as an argument against having a rape exemption. I used the postcard as a chance to discuss the rape exemption, but several of you readers pointed out that the image completely erases the woman, and her body, from the equation.It's true. The anti-abortion group that put together this postcard completely erased the woman from the picture both literally and figuratively. Her feelings, needs, hopes, and dreams do not … [Read more...]


Erase women

I've talked before about pro-lifers erasing women in their discussion of abortion. Well, I was perusing the Patheos evangelical channel and I found this YET AGAIN. "I’m sure evangelical youngsters everywhere would rejoice if their elders decided that they should have sex with great frequency because “if a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate.”  But alas, there is a key distinction between a sperm and a zygote.  A zygote, left to develop naturally, will tend to develop into a human being.  You c … [Read more...]

Abortion: No Women Involved

One thing I was struck by as I moved from being anti-abortion to being pro-choice was the difference in how each group views the women in the situation. Namely, the pro-choice crowd focuses on the circumstances, needs, and desires of a woman in an unintended pregnancy while for the anti-abortion crowd, it's almost like the woman doesn't exist. … [Read more...]