Worthwhile Reads: Abortion and Infanticide

Here are a couple articles to make you think:After Birth Abortion: The Pro-Choice Case for Infanticide, on SlateAbortion, Infanticide, Humanity, Free Speech, on Pandaemonium … [Read more...]

Prince of Egypt modifies a Bible story

I recently re-watched the 1998 animated movie¬†Prince of Egypt.¬†I've always loved that movie, with its beautiful animation and awesome songs (it's a bit of a musical). And that was all just as I remembered it, and just as moving. But there was one thing I noticed this time through that I don't remember noticing before. Specifically, the movie has a significant plot change from the original Biblical story of Moses on which it is based.The basic layout is that the Hebrews are slaves in Egypt, a … [Read more...]

On Ethics, Atheists, and “Absolute Morality”

As a child, I was taught that atheists had no basis for morality, no ethics, no nothing. Atheists just believed in . . . nothing. They did whatever they felt best, whatever pleased them most. If atheists ever followed the law, it was because they were afraid they might be sent to jail if they liked. Atheists had no check on their selfishness and lived hedonistic lifestyles as a result.In fact, I was even told that many atheists were atheists so that they could do whatever they liked, without … [Read more...]

Abortion, Murder, and Smokescreens

Many commenters on my most recent post dealing with abortion expressed skepticism that any anti-abortion activist actually believes the whole "abortion is murder" thing and argued instead that anti-abortion activists are simply anti-woman. While this may have once been the case, based on my experience I don't think it is the case today.It appears to me that opposition to abortion as the murder of babies is a sort of rhetorical bait and switch that has taken on a life of its own and acts as a … [Read more...]

Abortion, Heartbeats, and Souls

Have you see those pictures anti-abortion protesters carry, the ones of aborted fetuses? The idea is to show, graphically, that a fetus looks like a little person, not a blob of cells (note: these images are often fraudulent, purporting to show a fetus at a certain number of weeks but actually showing a much older fetus). The idea behind showing women ultrasounds before letting them have an abortion is the same, as is the idea behind talking about when the heart starts beating and brainwaves … [Read more...]

The “Christianity Makes People Good” Myth

Recently, a Christian friend bubbled to me about her new job at a Christian business, and how wonderful it was to be working in a Christian workplace that even has Christian weekend retreats for its employers and prayer groups, etc. "I think everyone, regardless of their beliefs, would be better off working in a Christian workplace!" she told me excitedly. She knows I am an atheist, but when I told her I disagreed she was honestly surprised.Growing up, "Christian" was synonymous with "good … [Read more...]

On God, Genocide, Abortion, and Morality

Evangelical and fundamentalist positions on what happens to those who die as infants or children are all over the map. Some follow the Calvinist line that God has preordained where we are to spend eternity, and that therefore some children who die go to heaven while others go to hell. Some justify this by saying that it depends on what the child would have chosen had he or she lived. Many simply say we cannot know, but must trust God. I was taught, though, that before the "age of … [Read more...]