When We Expect More of Our Children than of Ourselves


Some months ago Sally left the family iPad in a store. She had been reading interactive storybooks when it ran out of batteries, so she put it on the rack under the cart and subsequently forgot about it. We didn't realize it was missing until we got home. Needless to say, I was not happy. Actually, I was really quite upset. Sean took Sally back to the store to look for it, but they couldn't find it. I'm afraid to say that I was more than a little stern with Sally. I didn't punish her (after al … [Read more...]

“Teach Them Diligently”

Bible teach

This weekend is the "Teach Them Diligently Convention" in Spartansburg, South Carolina. According to the website, The Teach Them Diligently Convention was born out of a recognized need for more events celebrating the focus of Christian Homeschool Families—which is to disciple their children to glorify God. It's not surprising that the "about" section on the website would begin with the following Bible verse: And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shal … [Read more...]

“We don’t ‘do’ teenagers”

As I approached puberty, my parents told me that "we're not going to do that whole teenager thing." They said that this whole idea of teenage angst and rebellion is a modern social construct, and that the word "teenager" was less than a hundred years old. Children, they asserted, were supposed to move straight from childhood to adulthood, no questions asked, no angst or rebellion permitted, no being teenagers allowed.This is actually fairly common in the world of Christian Patriarchy. … [Read more...]

Parenting, Belief, and Expectations

Today I watched this video. It is a talk at a Secular Student Alliance conference by high school student Jessica Ahlquist. It's weird, if I had watched this video even five or ten years ago, I would have looked at her and seen myself; I would have seen Jessica on the level of a peer. Today, I look at her and see my daughter; I see Jessica as part of a younger generation. And so, watching Jessica, I thought of my daughter and my parenting. Jessica has reminded me that even though I no longer … [Read more...]

The Problem: Parents or Ideology?

After my It’s About the Daughters post was crossposted on No Longer Quivering, I received the following response:You make a lot of generalizations here. Do you really believe it is this way for all, or even the majority of, quiverful daughters? I have no doubt it’s happened to some, and I support you in standing for those women and girls. But it is not this way for all, yes they learn to cook and they believe their place is at home, but most have plenty of friends, plenty of free time, an … [Read more...]

(Too) Great Expectations

Quiverfull teaches that Christian parents should have large numbers of children in order to raise up and army for Christ and take back America for His Glory. My parents always told me that they were filling their quiver with arrows in order to shoot them out into the world and retake this country and this culture for Christ. They said the reason they weren’t out being missionaries, pastors, or politicians making godly laws was that they were instead investing their time in raising us to go do t … [Read more...]