Guest Post: Demons, Glitter, and a Guy on the Floor: My Experience with an Apostolic Prayer Group

A guest post by AhabMuch attention has been devoted to a fundamentalist religious movement called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). NAR is a network of charismatic Christian ministries that rose from the independent Charismatic movement, known as Third Wave Christianity. C. Peter Wagner was responsible for constructing its basic theology, and figures such as Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs have expanded and marketed the movement. During the 2008 presidential election, the movement received … [Read more...]

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Worthwhile Reads: The Bible, Inerrancy, and Interpretation

In case you've missed it, there has been some excellent discussion of the Bible, inerrancy, and doctrines like creationism on several patheos blogs over the past couple of weeks. I may post some of my thoughts in response at some point, but for the moment I thought I'd pull together some of the posts I've been enjoying and list them here, with excerpts.One Text, Many Bibles, on Unreasonable Faith This is exactly the type of historical criticism we give to the annals of the Assyrians or the … [Read more...]

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A Taxonomy of Creationists

There was a post on the Friendly Atheist a while back which got me thinking about the reasons people embrace creationism. I had thought that there were two types, in a sense - those who were misled, and those who were intentionally doing the misleading.See, being raised a young earth creationist I grew up trusting what my parents, my church, and organizations like Answers in Genesis told me. It wasn't until, as an adult, I examined the issue for myself and found that not only was young earth … [Read more...]

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