Science: It’s a girl thing?

No, just no.I appreciate the effort, but I'd like to think that we can get girls interested in science without telling them that science = makeup! … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: A Gendered Childhood


In what ways were boys and girls in your family expected to dress or act differently from each other? Were there certain things it was appropriate for girls to do but not boys, and vice versa? Joe: Not really.  If we were boys, we were not supposed to have anything to do with girls.  If we were girls, we had nothing to do with boys.  That was pretty much it.  Of course, as I alluded to before, the girls' wardrobe was much stricter than the boys and in the later years, the boys were able to wea … [Read more...]

Raised Quiverfull: Siblings and Responsibilities

gender chores

How many siblings did you grow up with? Did responsibilities in your family differ by gender, with the girls having certain chores and the boys having others? Explain. Joe: My Mama was a very unique woman.  I'll explain in a bit.  But first, I was the dead middle child of seven siblings.  The oldest was a girl, then twin boys, then me, then two more girls, and finally, the baby of the family, a boy.  If you're familiar with any movies or television shows, you might see that it is regularly por … [Read more...]

Legos and Gender


Like a lot of people, I am pretty horrified by Lego's new "Friends" line, which is their attempt to market to girls, because apparently girls only like pink and purple, home decorating and beauty parlors.What is especially sad about this is that Lego used to market to both boys and girls rather than segregating them into two different Lego universes (someone tell me - why didn't Lego just add a beauty parlor to its Lego City line, rather than segregating girls into the pink and purple … [Read more...]

Respect: I do not think it means what you think it means

I grew up hearing that men needed to "respect" women, and that one of the biggest problems in our society was that men had stopped respecting women. Except that there's something really strange going on here, because feminists, myself included, also believe that men need to respect women. It's just...they don't mean the same thing. Actually, they sort of mean the opposite thing.Leaders in the Christian Patriarchy movement says that men don't respect women today because they don't open doors … [Read more...]

Abortion, “God’s Plan,” and “Selfish” Women

career woman

I've often said that when I was pro-life it was because I honestly believed the embryo/fetus was a person with a soul. This is true, but there's something more. The reality is that I had no idea what women who found themselves with unplanned pregnancies faced. I had no understanding of the reasons someone would choose to end a pregnancy.I was raised by a stay at home mother who had baby after baby without ever a threat to her health or the family's finances. No pregnancy was planned, but … [Read more...]

The Problem with “Gender Roles”

Here is an excerpt from a comment recently posted by a reader going by the name JW. Since he asks his question honestly and politely, I thought I’d respond with a post in kind. “In the articles I have read of various feminists I always tend to read some kind of grudge within. It is as if the world is terrible because it seems to 'demean' women and deprive with of inequality. Yet, yes, there is inequality in this world and it is the right thing to do to fight for them but with feminism this del … [Read more...]