The Problem with “Gender Roles”

Here is an excerpt from a comment recently posted by a reader going by the name JW. Since he asks his question honestly and politely, I thought I’d respond with a post in kind. “In the articles I have read of various feminists I always tend to read some kind of grudge within. It is as if the world is terrible because it seems to 'demean' women and deprive with of inequality. Yet, yes, there is inequality in this world and it is the right thing to do to fight for them but with feminism this del … [Read more...]

Gender Blind Spots

Sometimes I think that being raised the way I was I notice things that others don't. Sometimes it seems like I see mainstream American society miming the beliefs of Christian Patriarchy in uncomfortable ways. It's like there are these damaging gender blind spots that no one notices and everyone buys into. Take, for example, Michelle Obama's recent email promoting her campaign group, Women for Obama.As I have traveled across the country, I have had the privilege of meeting incredible women … [Read more...]

Beautiful Girlhood v. Courageous Boyhood

Remember how I centered my story, The Beautiful Girlhood Doll, on Vision Forum's qualities of beautiful girlhood? Well, I just today found out that Vision Forum also has a list of the qualities of courageous boyhood.Before I begin my side by side analysis of these qualities, can I say how much it bothers me that girls are to be "beautiful" while boys are to be "courageous?" Of course, when they speak of beauty they are speaking of the inside not the outside, but still. This dichotomy is … [Read more...]

Men and Women in Christian Patriarchy: Masters and Slaves or Equals?

My parents always taught me that men and women were equal. Indeed, I was never made to feel inferior for being a woman. My parents taught me that men and women were different and had different roles to play, but that men and women and their roles were also equal and of equal worth. The male role is to provide for his family and protect them, to engage in politics and spiritual warfare, to have a career and make the decisions for his family. The female role is to keep the house and home, raise … [Read more...]

Hollywood Pay Gap

I came upon this article in The Guardian today and found it fascinating. It really says a lot about the relationship between the pay gap and gender roles, and reveals how far we still have to go. Forbes List Exposes Hollywood Wage Gap Angelina Jolie may be Hollywood's highest-paid female actor but she trails Leonardo DiCaprio by $47m. What's going on?Forbes Magazine released its annual list of the top-earning male Hollywood actors this week. Hollywood star salaries have always been out … [Read more...]

Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls

I just came upon an excellent New York Times article,Hers: Why Boys Don't Play with Dolls. I just had to share! I am reprinting it here, with the parts I found most important in bold. As the mother of a two year old daughter, I deal with these sorts of things all the time! Enjoy! ----------------------------------------- IT'S 28 YEARS SINCE THE founding of NOW, and boys still like trucks and girls still like dolls. Increasingly, we are told that the source of these robust preferences must lie … [Read more...]

Half An Army?

I have a sister who would make a better drill sergeant than nurse, and yet she plans to study nursing. This sister could be a CEO or a military officer or a politician, but she has never even considered being any of those things. She literally does not realize they are options. Nursing in contrast is an acceptable feminine pursuit, and besides, once she marries she plans to stay home and have children as is expected of her. The Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull goal is to return this … [Read more...]