The Biblical Case against Women in Combat?


As you probably know, the defense department has just moved to allow women in combat. This is a move that conservative evangelical leaders have been warning about for decades, and their reaction was predictable. Let’s take a look at an article by conservative evangelical author, pastor, and Christian Patriarchy leader Douglas Wilson, who attempts to lay out the Biblical case against women in combat, shall we? [Read more...]

Right-Wing Radio Hosts Discuss Man-Hating Feminists

man hating feminists

Jessica, a writer for Friendly Atheist, has an fascinating post up today in which she examines a conversation about feminism that took place between two right-wing radio hosts. She both transcribes their statements and offers an analysis and response (served with a side of delightful snark). After offering some excerpts from Jessica’s post, I add some thoughts of my own. [Read more...]

Guest Post: Is Contraception “Emasculating”? Sean Responds


Hi everyone! This is Sean. Libby sent me a piece called “The Emasculating Effects of Modern Contraception.” This is about husbands and fathers. Libby is neither, but she happens to know one pretty well – me! She was wondering what I thought – so here goes. I’ll start with an excerpt from the piece and we’ll move on from there. [Read more...]

Married, with Friends


Christian author Jerry Jenkins has written a book on building “hedges” around your marriage to protect it, but his list of hedges focuses on restricting his activity around other women rather than building a deep and healthy relationship with his wife. I explain how evangelical ideas about sin and gender roles contribute to a focus on the outside rather than on the inside, and also examine how patriarchal gender roles affect male-female friendships. [Read more...]

My Brothers and My Mother

Mother Boys

When my brothers were about ten or twelve, my parents began to say that they were “chafing at being under the authority of a woman.” By this they meant that my brothers didn’t like having to obey my mom, because, of course, they were becoming men. What my parents didn’t notice is how their ideas about gender differences in this area both shaped how they perceived the information they received from us and how we behaved. [Read more...]

Jane Austen, Mr. Collins, and Rape Culture

Collins Bennet

What we call “rape culture” is nothing new, and its roots go deep. The “no means no” campaign on first glance seems to be too obvious to need saying. Except that it’s unfortunately not. Too many men seem to think that “a no is just a yes that needs a little convincing.” Every single time I think of this issue a crucial passage from Pride and Prejudice comes to mind. It’s the passage where Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth – and then refuses to accept that her “no” actually means “no.” [Read more...]

Research Challenges Assumptions about Gender and Sex


As I left the conservative evangelicalism of my youth, I learned that many of these same ideas about sex and mating were present in mainstream society, too. Something had changed, though. Rather than being rooted in religion, they were rooted in science. Today, though, new data is leading scientists to question the common assumptions “[that] men are less selective about whom they’ll sleep with; [that] men like casual sex more than women; and [that] men have more sexual partners over a lifetime.” [Read more...]

Some Thoughts on Child Custody

father children

Why are women a great deal more likely to have custody of their children after a divorce than are men? Are men discriminated against when it comes down to child custody? What do feminists think on this issue? In this post I respond to a comment blogger Sheldon made in response to a post I wrote about feminism helps men men, and discuss both why women are more likely to have custody than men and the chance feminism offers to change this. [Read more...]

The Intersection of Guns, Gender, and Violence


The Sandy Hook shooting has brought guns into the spotlight once again, and as I’ve read about this issue in the blogs I follow I’ve been fascinated by the different ways in which gender has been brought into this discussion. I’m going to offer some quotations from several of these articles, along with a bit of commentary. [Read more...]

On “Equity Feminism” and “Gender Feminism”


You might or might not have noticed that there’s been a bit of controversy over feminism in the atheist community of late. I have avoided addressing this topic – until now. Blogger vjack of Atheist Revolution recently suggested that there are two types of feminism in the atheist community – “equity feminism” and “gender feminism” – and I’m going to take this opportunity to finally weigh in on the conversation. [Read more...]

Sometimes I Really Hate Advertising


Fhere are moments I want to go off the grid and raise my children in complete isolation. Those moments generally occur when I’m standing in a box store looking at the children’s toy aisles. Pink, pink, barbies, pink, purple, baby dolls, purple, purple, doll houses, purple, pink. Blue, grey, guns, green, grey, Star Wars, grey, black, legos, grey, green. I struggle to even find gender neutral bike helmets! Bike helmets! [Read more...]

“I Make More Money Than He Does”

money 2

While at Sean’s parents’ house over the holidays, I made the mistake of asking Sean if he had started our laundry.“I’ve never done laundry in my life!” Sean’s father announced, leaning back and smiling as if his comment were funny. The atmosphere in the room tipped and I felt the brunt of everything that was going unsaid. I was being typed as the overbearing and selfish woman who forced her emasculated husband to do “womanly” tasks like laundry. [Read more...]