The Good Men Project and “Accidental” Rape

When the writers at the Good Men Project began putting up a series of posts addressing rape, they were right to point out that most rape occurs between friends and acquaintances. They were also right to point out that many of society's messages about sex and gender - for example, that men are supposed to keep pushing when a woman originally says "no" - feed into rape culture. These are excellent points, and are things feminists have been saying for quite some time. Unfortunately, though, the G … [Read more...]

“Legitimate Rape” and the Good Men Project

By now you have probably heard about the Good Men Project's recent putting its foot in its mouth on the topic of rape. If you haven't, Grace has a good summary with a list of posts written on the subject. What it comes down to is this: The Good Men Project has started discussing the role partying, alcohol, and drugs play in rape, which is good. However, instead of focusing solely on the necessity of consent they are spending time talking about how "nice guys" can get confused by alcohol and … [Read more...]