Jane Austen, Mr. Collins, and Rape Culture

Collins Bennet

What we call "rape culture" is nothing new, and its roots go deep. The "no means no" campaign on first glance seems to be too obvious to need saying. Except that it's unfortunately not. This statement is probably the one thing from the whole Nice Guys of OK Cupid thing that stuck with me the most: A No is just a Yes that needs a little convincing! To be honest, this is frightening to me. And maddening. The idea that I could tell a man "no" and have him see that as a challenge rather than an an … [Read more...]

Removing the Romance from Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

As the leaders of Christian homeschool movement embrace the (supposedly) virtuous past as a contrast to our (allegedly) hedonistic presence - emphasizing female chastity and male chivalry and even, yes, holding historically themed tea parties - they often seem to zero in on the nineteenth and early twentieth century as a sort of ideal era. And yet, this fascination with the Victorian era, along with the years immediately before and after it, often includes an embrace of literature that seems to … [Read more...]

The Newton Shooting and the Roman Empire

Crisis 2

You're probably wondering about the title. A bit odd, yes. Well, today I got an email from a reader drawing a parallel I found fascinating. Here's her email: What I wanted to email about was the piece you wrote on the resurrection, July 26, 2011. The comments for this one are already closed, but I was struck by these words: "The Roman Empire faced grave threats from barbarians on its borders, and the Roman leaders attributed their weakness to the fact that Christians, by now a growing percentage … [Read more...]

“Legitimate Rape” and the Good Men Project

slut shaming

By now you have probably heard about the Good Men Project's recent putting its foot in its mouth on the topic of rape. If you haven't, Grace has a good summary with a list of posts written on the subject. What it comes down to is this: The Good Men Project has started discussing the role partying, alcohol, and drugs play in rape, which is good. However, instead of focusing solely on the necessity of consent they are spending time talking about how "nice guys" can get confused by alcohol and … [Read more...]

Seven Recent Articles on Abortion Worth Reading


I have been impressed over the last week at the outpouring of interesting and thought-provoking articles being put out regarding the abortion issue. With the election approaching and the increasing role abortion has played in politics recently, I suppose this outpouring only makes sense. Below I post links to the seven articles I have found most interesting, and offer a representative quotation from each. I hope this sort of writing keeps up! Feel free to add additional articles you may have … [Read more...]

Was Slavery a Good Thing? Examining Doug Wilson


Sometimes I see a story come up and wonder if I should weigh in. Sometimes the same story keeps coming up, passed around the blogosphere that I read. That's what happened this last week, and it's time I finally weigh in. The stories, which are both different and yet related, involve the Bible, slavery in the Old South, and the stoning of rebellious children. Today I'm going to handle slavery, and tomorrow stoning of rebellious children.Blogger JT brought up the opinions on slavery held by a … [Read more...]

Fixing the Relationship between Faith and Politics


What's wrong--and what's right--with the role of faith in American politics today? This is a big and complex question, and this post is simply an attempt to offer some thoughts. In it I will address two things that I see wrong with the role of faith in American politics today and two critical areas I believe may help improve the relationship between faith and politics. Feel free to share yours as well or to seek to extend what I've written here. Problem #1: The necessity of paying lip s … [Read more...]