Michael Pearl in 1831

Michael and Debi Pearl's child rearing methods are not new, but are rather a return to ideas about children common in the earlier part of our nation's history, as this story from the American Baptist Magazine illustrates.  In it, Francis Wayland has the same goals and uses the same reasoning, arguments, and methods as those put forward by Michael Pearl. The scenario Wayland describes is eerily similar to some of my own experiences growing up on the Pearls' methods.WARNING: You may find this … [Read more...]

Vision Forum: Fixing Problems by Turning Back the Clock

I've been doing some thinking about Vision Forum lately, and I've realized something. Vision Forum is very frequently responding to the exact same problems that feminists and others in society also recognize. No one denies that our society still fixes problems. It's just that while feminists and others like them seek to fix the problems by, well, fixing them, Vision Forum wants to fix the problems by turning back the clock to an idealized past that never existed. 1. Alcohol Abuse, Broken … [Read more...]

What I Learned in College

College was incredibly important for me. It gave me room to learn, grow, and try out new ideas. It gave me space and freedom. It gave me acceptance and encouragement. It gave me new information I had never heard of. In this post, I will explore what I studied and learned in college.One way in which college was very eye opening to me was that it allowed me to interact with people from a wide range of different backgrounds. I met Episcopalians, agnostics, and people who were gay. I met people … [Read more...]

A Transition in Motherhood

I'm thinking about starting a new series here on my blog consisting simply of snippits from my research and studies that I think my readers might find interesting. So today you get a section from Julia Grant's Raising Baby by the Book (page 15) on the transition from extensive to intensive mothering: For seventeenth- and eighteenth-century colonial American women, child rearing was only one of a multitude of tasks shared by neighbors and kin. With the help of older children, mothers supervised … [Read more...]