Atheism through the holidays, part 1: Santa Claus

When people ask, “but how can you do Christmas without Jesus?” it makes me want to laugh. The other week Sally and I walked through our local mall, and she gave the following monologue:   “Look, Christmas lights! Christmas tree! Look, snow! Presents! Look, more Christmas lights! Look, horse! Look, SANTA CLAUS!!!”   The truth [Read More...]

Vision Forum, Christmas, and a Marketing Scheme

I am subscribed to “vision forum” on google, which means I get an email each day with every new internet article or blog post containing the words “vision forum.” Lately, essentially every new article or post has been something on all of Vision Forum’s Christmas sales. Fundamentalist and evangelical blogs across the segment of homeschooling [Read More...]

Witches, Demons, Halloween, and Fear

When I was a Christian, Halloween always terrified me. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved dressing up in costumes for our church’s Harvest Fest, where we played games and got candy. What terrified me was Halloween itself, which I was taught to associate with witches and demons. I grew up believing that there were [Read More...]