Homeschool Reflection: Fundamentalist Homeschooling Is a Poison

A Guest Post by Isaiah I have mixed feelings about homeschooling, to say the least. While I find many, if not most, of the common criticisms of homeschooling to have some kind of validity, I still feel myself cringe when homeschoolers are caricatured as deranged fundamentalists since I know from experience that there is more to the story. My experience with homeschooling consists of extremely varied highs and lows---the highs of a dedicated and capable parent as a teacher, an education that fit … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: Escaping Bullying

A Guest Post by Katherine I was homeschooled in a Christian home from 8th grade on because I was mercilessly teased in 7th grade (tortured is probably not too harsh a word to use on the subject.) It was that period of time where I was just beginning puberty and I was having all kinds of issues with my sexual orientation and gender identity so I'm not really going to get too much into it suffice to serve as backdrop.My mother homeschooled my sister and I largely because of this, and while … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflections: Correcting Deficiencies

A Guest Post by Rae The local Christian school was too expensive, the nearest private school too far away, the public school too depraved, and the Catholic school too, well, Catholic. So when I was six years old and legally required to be enrolled in some kind of formal education, my parents decided to homeschool.Up through about sixth grade or so, this was a good experience - my parents enrolled us in private music lessons and community swim lessons. We had plenty of friends through our … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: Learning Together

A Guest Post by Emily My parents didn’t set out to homeschool. The fluke of my birthdate put me either the youngest or the oldest of my class, and after being the youngest in kindergarten my parents decided to homeschool for a year before first grade. That year went so well that they homeschooled for another, then another, reevaluating each year. My mom thoroughly enjoyed the experience and my dad supported it wholeheartedly, though was not often involved in hands-on teaching. I have one y … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: Not the Stereotype

A guest post by LinaI once shocked my Rhetoric for Writers class, in junior year of college, when I let slip that I was a homeschooled pastor’s kid. A guy sitting near me paid me what I considered the highest compliment: “Wow, I never would’ve guessed. You’re so…normal.”In many ways, I was. I was part of a homeschooling family, but not the stereotype: I wore shorts, my brothers all went to public high school, and I could hold a conversation just fine, thank you. When I went to college, I … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: Home because of Sickness

A guest post by AttackfishI was “homeschooled” (and I’m not sure I am comfortable calling it that) for absolutely non-ideological reasons, and in fact, there was only ever a brief time during my schooling in which I was not enrolled in public school, at the very end, a few weeks before I took my GED.I was born with a severe immune disease, and along with making me extremely prone to infection, it also causes me to have seizures, narcolepsy, fainting spells, asthma, and circulatory probl … [Read more...]

Homeschool Reflection: Enjoying Flexibility

A guest post by SkjaereI was home schooled full time in eighth grade, and part time in ninth and tenth. Up until that time, I had been enrolled in our local public schools, where my dad was a teacher. I’d been having problems with bullying at my middle school (both by my peers and by teachers, WTF?!), and when my mother asked me if I wanted to try home schooling, I jumped at the chance. It sounded almost too good to be true. I could choose my own reading lists and projects? Sign me up!We … [Read more...]