Help HARO Speak at a Homeschool Convention!


Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out (HARO) has the opportunity to speak at an upcoming homeschool convention---and they need funding to do it! I've been a blog partner of Homeschoolers Anonymous, a project of HARO, since its inception, and I fully support HARO's mission and vision.This is HARO's first convention opportunity! Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out (HARO) has a vision: "Renewing and transforming homeschooling from within." We are a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the … [Read more...]

Kevin Swanson on “Apostate Homeschoolers”

Kevin Swanson

It seems Homeschoolers Anonymous has made an increasingly large splash in the homeschooling world. Prominent Christian homeschool leader Kevin Swanson himself felt the need to address the group in a recent broadcast on his Generations with Vision radio show. He gave it the title "Apostate Homeschoolers." If you click the link to listen, the section on Homeschoolers Anonymous starts at 5:00 and goes until 10:40, when Swanson moves on to the Boy Scouts.What does Swanson blame for the growth of … [Read more...]

Want To Help Homeschoolers? Check This Out.


Homeschoolers Anonymous was founded last March as a platform for homeschool grads to share and talk about their  experiences in the Christian homeschooling world. I have been one of Homeschoolers Anonymous' blog partners since the very beginning, and I am pleased to announce that Homeschoolers Anonymous is now moving things to the next step.The Next Step Homeschoolers Anonymous is expanding to become a non-profit organization called HARO — Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out.To this end, our … [Read more...]