Homeschooling: An Educational Option or an Identity?

Because I see drawbacks to homeschooling and intend to send my children to public school, I am often painted as "anti-homeschooling." But I don't really see myself like that. In fact, I have never ruled out the possibility of homeschooling at some point in the future. After all, if public schooling somehow goes horrifically wrong for my young daughter, I will look at what other educational options were available - private school, charter school, homeschool.I think this is where I differ from … [Read more...]

Public Schools, Homeschooling, and IndoctriNation

Guess which movie won this year's San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, put on by Christian Patriarchy leader Vision Forum? Here, I'll give you the trailer:, that's the one! IndoctriNation! IndoctriNation explores the origins and social impact of America's public school system and has sparked debate among Christians and atheists over the roles of faith, and government in education. "People are starting to wake up to the damaging effects of a gov … [Read more...]

Rick Santorum and colleges as “indoctrination mills”

The more I listen to Rick Santorum, the more it seems like he stepped out of my childhood. It's kind of uncanny, actually. From a news article: Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Thursday that President Obama wants more young adults to go to college so they can undergo “indoctrination” to a secular world view.On the president’s efforts to boost college attendance, Santorum said, “I understand why Barack Obama wants to send every kid to college, because of their indoctrination … [Read more...]

Teaching “Both Sides”?

I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, and like many homeschooled students, I studied from creationist science textbooks. The most prominent science curriculum in our community was Apologia, which calls itself an "educational ministry" and offers "Learn, Live, and Defend the Faith" as its motto.Creationists often argue that creationism should be taught in public schools alongside evolution so that students can "hear both sides" and decide for themselves. Beside the obvious … [Read more...]

Homeschooling and Indoctrination

Those of you who read this blog regularly know I have some concerns about homeschooling. It's not that I'm unaware that it can be done without isolating or indoctrinating kids, it's not that I don't know it can produce well-educated and confident kids, it's just that I've seen the problems it can cause and the problematic ideologies it can shelter.Over the holidays, I spent some time at my parents' home and I looked around the curriculum my siblings are using, curious to remember what I had … [Read more...]

A Christian Homeschooling Cult?

Today, Lewis of Commandments of Men wrote a post explaining why he calls the Christian homeschool movement a "cult." Lewis has two reasons for giving the movement this label: 1. Children are indoctrinated rather than educated. 2. Children who step out of line risk being ostracized. Here's a quote where Lewis explains this:I have two nephews and two nieces (ranging in age from 20 to 3), and I love each of them as if they were my own children. If they choose a path other than one of … [Read more...]

Education and Indoctrination

Today I ran across a post called "Welcoming Doubt to Christian Education" on the Christianity Today blog. The author discusses the pitfalls and failures of Christian education, and then differentiates between education and indoctrination as follows: Human history is a series of pendulum swings from one extreme to another. This can be as true of individual growth as it is of culture, and some swings should not be prevented. But in the faith journey, perhaps such severe swings point to a … [Read more...]