Raised Evangelical: Deird’s Story

A post in the Raised Evangelical series.Section 1: Introduction Question 1: Please introduce yourself before we get started, providing a brief snapshot of your background an overview of your beliefs today.I grew up in Australia, going to a Baptist church. These days, I’m still a Christian – but my beliefs are much less conservative, much more inclusive, and much less immersed in “Christian culture”. I go to an Anglican church, and disagree with about a quarter of what they say.Qu … [Read more...]

The Merger: Evangelicalism and the GOP

Growing up, I knew there was a close alignment between my family's evangelical religion and our politics. They seemed to fit hand in glove. Of course we were Republicans! What true Christian could be otherwise? The Republican party stood for good Christian values and Biblical policies while the Democrats stood for everything anti-Christian, from socialism to gay marriage to abortion. I mean, Jesus loves capitalism, right? Right!But this alliance is not simply something that is natural or a g … [Read more...]

If he’s Jesus and I’m the church, that’s not equal

"Husbands and wives are equal, they just have different roles." Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that? At one point I believed it, but somewhere along the line I realized it couldn't be true. Why? Because the husband's role always ends up being "being in charge" while the wife's role is "doing as told." I'm sorry, but that's not equal. That can't be equal.But I also remember hearing another constant meme - that marriage is a reflection of the relationship between Jesus and the … [Read more...]

Searching for the Baby in the Bathwater

This is a slightly edited repost of a post I wrote when I first started blogging last summer. I'm reposting it for new readers. This post explains how I moved from evangelical Christianity to atheism over a process that took some years to complete. Here is the original.  Everyone who leaves the Quiverfull movement, Christian Patriarchy, or evangelical or fundamentalism in general has a long journey in front of them. They have to sort through everything they have always believed and determine … [Read more...]

Yes, Natasha, he really loves Jesus more than he loves you

I recently came upon an article called "Jesus Is Ruining My Love Life: Is Religion a Deal-Breaker?" on The Atlantic. In the article, Natasha Scripture, a non-believer, speaks of her evangelical boyfriend and expresses shock at their following exchange: "Jesus used to say..." (boyfriend says)"Please don't quote Jesus. You know it makes me uncomfortable." (me, all squirmy)"I wish you would open your mind a bit more. You would be such a powerful Christian woman..." (him, being sincere)"You'll … [Read more...]

Who are you trying to follow?

I was taught by my parents that my goal in life should be to follow God. Except that I now realize that in practice what my parents really meant was that I should follow them.My parents were convinced that they had it all right. They had a direct line to God, and they had gotten the message from him loud and clear. God said not to date. God said not to use words like "dang" or "heck." God said women's place is in the home. God said women must always be under male authority. God said we had … [Read more...]

A Hole In Your Heart?

I was taught that every human has a hole in his or her heart that only Jesus can fill. My parents told me that everyone who wasn’t a Christian - a true Christian, that is - leads a miserable, unfulfilled life. The only thing that could make a person happy, I learned, was Jesus. I looked forward to ministering to those who didn’t understand the gospel message. How hard could it be to convert people, I wondered, when they led miserable, unfulfilled lives and I could offer them happiness and ful … [Read more...]