“I So Need To Move”: ENDA, Religion, and Politics


An LGBTQ friend of mine living in Missouri recently used the form offered by the Human Rights Campaign to contact her congressperson about her support for ENDA—the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which would ban discrimination against LGBTQ individuals. Her congressperson, Billy Long, sent a response. It seems that in Billy Long’s world, worshipping God in peace means being able to fire gay, lesbian, and transgender employees. [Read more...]

Losing the Battle . . . and the War

Generational Differences in Support for Same-sex Marriage

It is obvious to anyone who is paying attention that achieving marriage equality is only a matter of time. Marriage equality has become the law in 18 states, whether through law or through the courts. The Supreme Court will likely weigh in in favor of marriage equality in the next few years, setting the law in the handful of states that will remain longterm holdouts. This is a battle evangelicals will lose. But they aren’t just losing the battle, they’re also losing the war. [Read more...]

Sorry, You Don’t Get a Pass


I’ve noticed that there are an increasing number of evangelical Christians who argue that homosexuality is sin but that gay people should have equal rights. In other words, they make a distinction between their religious belief on the one hand and ensuring equal legal rights for all on the other hand. While standing up for LGBTQ rights (which should extend not only to marriage equality but also to ending housing or employment discrimination) is an excellent step, it is not enough. [Read more...]

World Vision and Gay Christians


Yes, I’m writing another post about World Vision (for my first two, see here and here). But bear with me, because I have a reason for doing so! I think we need to be very clear about what this moment is—and is not—about. Put simply, this is about whether one can legitimately be both openly and proudly gay and a Christian. For a brief moment, World Vision stated publicly that they believed an individual could legitimately be both openly gay and truly a Christian, and evangelicals could not accept that. [Read more...]

This seems relevant . . .

Gay kids

What do you find more shocking? Gay men kissing or starving children begging for food? [Read more...]

World Vision Reverses Course


Evangelicals are facing a critical moment of decision. They have to either give on this issue, or they face being marginalized as akin to racists. They have lost the culture war battle over marriage equality and LGBTQ rights, and as time goes on that loss will be solidified. If they cannot find a way to reconcile their religious beliefs with marriage equality and LGBTQ rights, they are in for some serious problems going forward. [Read more...]

What World Vision Says about Evangelical Priorities

Crying for Their Country - Rich Stearns Viusits With Letter  Writers, Irbid

World Vision is a Christian organization that serves children in the third world. It is perhaps well known for its sponsorship program, through which Americans may sponsor needy children in the third world through monthly donations that go to pay for things like school tuition and medical care. This week World Vision demoted the debate over marriage equality to the status of doctrinal dispute on par with that over infant baptism when it changed its policies to allow for the hiring of legally married gay and lesbian employees. [Read more...]

Let It Gay? Subversive Messages from Disney’s Frozen


Quite frankly, I’m surprised more conservatives have not condemned the movie. I was shocked when I visited my parents over Christmas break to find not only my siblings but also my mother obsessing over Frozen. I wondered—did they even watch the same movie? Did they not see the messages I did, messages about self acceptance and freedom from others’ expectations and moral standards, about writing your own rules and moving past childhood trauma? Did they hear the same lyrics? [Read more...]

It Matters Too Much Not to Speak


It may or may not surprise regular readers to hear this, but I have never pushed back against my parents’ homophobia. And it’s not that it doesn’t come up, it does, and when it does I don’t participate. Instead, I just sit in silence. But I can’t justify doing that anymore. I can no longer remain silent. I have the luxury of being silent. Dave, June, Ann, Steve, Jared, Andrea, Haley, and Melissa do not have the luxury of being silent. For them, this is their life. [Read more...]

Must We Do This Again? Duck Dynasty Edition

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There’s something bigger going on here though. Support for LGBTQ rights has hit the mainstream, and evangelicals and fundamentalists haven’t figured out what to do about that yet. Most of them believe that the Bible condemns “homosexuality” and everything that goes along with it, and many if not most of them also feel some form of visceral disgust for LGBTQ individuals (or, as they’ll argue, for their “lifestyle,” but you can’t bifurcate people like that). [Read more...]

Guest Post: I Don’t Care if You Call Yourself a Feminist, pt. 1


A Guest Post by Sarah Moon. It bothers me so much that feminism is often used as a tool of oppression. But it is used that way, more often than I want to admit. So I respect those who can’t use the word “feminist” to describe themselves. I’m not going to tell them they must call themselves a feminist, because feminism isn’t perfect. We need to get our shit together instead of worrying about what other people are calling themselves. [Read more...]

Can We Not Tell Gay Christians What To Do Please?

gay christian

If a LGBTQ individual wants to leave Christianity, or to leave religion altogether, more power to them! But if they don’t want to do that? If they want to salvage their faith and reconcile their beliefs with their sexual orientation and/or gender identity? In that case, I also say more power to them! In some cases, reconstructing one’s faith as an LGBTQ individual can be empowering, a way of reclaiming the narrative and not letting others dictate their experiences. [Read more...]