Really, Pew Research? Bad Chart Saturday

The above chart was put out by Pew Research, which actually rather surprised me. It's a bad chart! Can you spot the problem with it?The chart claims to be looking at the position of "major religions" even as most of the items it includes are not "major religions" but rather Christian denominations. But while the chart breaks both Christianity and Judaism down by denomination or sect, it fails to do the same for Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism.Let me ask you this. Where does Christianity stan … [Read more...]

What the Ruff, the Spotted Hyena, and the Cuttlefish Taught Me about Gender and Sexuality

Evangelicals support a strict gender binary and see the patriarchal family structure---with a breadwinning father and a homemaking mother---as both natural and in some sense biologically universal. The Bible frequently talks about male and female animals, and, growing up in an evangelical home, I remember being taught that there is no homosexuality in the animal kingdom. That certain animals mate for life was also emphasized in an effort to enforce patriarchal norms.Now sure, I also learned … [Read more...]

Pepper Potts in an Iron Man Suit

By Kiery KingOriginally posted on Bridging the Gap Pepper Potts was in an Iron Man suit. The suit was keeping her alive. She couldn’t just take it off whenever she wanted to, because to do so before she was in a place to receive proper and necessary medical care would be her death. As it was, the condition that lead her to live in an Iron Man suit was complicated and treatment wasn’t easy, not even for someone close to Mr. Stark. So Pepper Potts wore an Iron Man suit. She wore it every day a … [Read more...]

Yet More Tired Arguments against Marriage Equality

I recently ran upon an article on the Witherspoon Institute by writer Katy Faust titled Dear Justice Kennedy: An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent. In it the author argues against extending marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. I want to address two specific points she makes.I identify with the instinct of those children to be protective of their gay parent. In fact, I’ve done it myself. I remember how many times I repeated my speech: “I’m so happy that my parents got di … [Read more...]

HSLDA, Champion of Gay Teens?

Telling half truths was easier before the internet---as was covering up past missteps.Back in September, a ThinkProgress article noted the following: One common attack on HSLDA has been that its work often extends to topics that are not directly connected to the rights of homeschoolers … In the 2006 [sic], the group even lobbied for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. A statement on the group’s website explained that because “Same-sex marriage attacks the traditions of the f … [Read more...]

Putting the Chicken before the Egg: Evangelical Perspectives on LGBTQ Suicide

Remember what I said yesterday about evangelicals blaming the suicide rates among transgender teens on anything other than the bullying and lack of acceptance they face? Since writing that piece I have come upon several quotes from evangelical sources that back up what I was saying and shed further light on the lens evangelicals have constructed when viewing LGBTQ issues.First, this from Charisma this past week: I personally know individuals who once identified as transgender and who no … [Read more...]

Leelah Alcorn and Evangelical Storytelling

Over the past week, I have processed Leelah Alcorn's death as yet one more tragic story of what can happen when transgender teens are denied access to the care they need. Leelah's parents were conservative evangelical Christians, and when Leelah told them at age 14 that she was transgender, they responded very badly. Leelah tried coming out as gay instead in order to ease people into it, but her parents responded by cutting her off from her support network, opting to homeschool her. On December 2 … [Read more...]