Worthwhile Reads: On Politics, Religion, and Libertarianism

After the two posts I wrote yesterday, I thought I'd offer some on related themes from a couple blogs I read:Libertarianism, Patriotism, and Starting Points: How I Apparently Became a Pinko Commie, by Sierra “You’ve been brainwashed by those bleeding heart liberal college professors of yours.”I stared at him. I hadn’t changed my position on issues of poverty and structural inequality at all. I had simply learned to talk about them using the appropriate terms.“You’re a feminazi now,” … [Read more...]

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Happy Fourth: On Libertarianism, Citizenship, and Social Responsibility

I was raised a libertarian. I believed the government was the problem. I thought that the smaller the government was, the better off everyone would be. Taxes were a bad thing, something to be resented and, if at all possible, opposed. I was raised in an environment where the idea of an individual person and his property seceding from the country was bandied about as intriguing and talk of abolishing the public school system was normal.Individualism was a key value and individual rights were … [Read more...]

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Why I Am Not a Libertarian

I was raised in an environment that combines economic libertarianism with the goals of the religious right. We were for ending government regulation of business, but banning abortion and regulating divorce. Economics = get the government OUT. Morals = get the government IN. Strange, I know, but somehow it made sense to me at the time. This post is not about this inconsistency, though, but about why I am no longer a libertarian.My father taught me that if the government would just get out of … [Read more...]

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