The Fruit of Spanking: Rage and Shame

As I remember it, my parents didn’t spank me all that often. When I was spanked it was usually just three wallops with a wooden paddle. My mom only rarely bruised us, and my dad actually went easier on us than she did. Sometimes mom would save us for dad to spank, and he would decide that we had suffered enough and only pretend to spank us. He had us yell and holler and everything.Why is it, then, that when I look back at being spanked all I remember was the inner rage I felt? No one is l … [Read more...]

Giving the Child the Rod

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but at some point early on my mom handed me the rod. She told me I was to spank my younger siblings if they misbehaved or broke any rules and she was not in the room. The rule was that I could spank any sibling at least five years younger than me. This meant that at ten I could spank my five-year-old sibling, and all those younger than him. Parents, don’t do this to your older kids. Please, please, just don’t. It breaks my heart because now, years and year … [Read more...]

Michael Pearl Can Read Your Mind

For those who don't know, Michael Pearl is the (self-taught) founder of No Greater Joy ministries, which specializes in marriage, family, and parenting support and advise. He is extremely popular in Christian Patriarchy circles.Michael Pearl can read minds. Skeptical? Read on! In the latest edition of No Greater Joy magazine (July-August 2011), Michael and Debi Pearl respond to a letter they received in an article titled “Go Love Yourself?” This advise column format is very typical for the … [Read more...]

Casting the Pearls back to the Swine


It is a strange reality that Michael and Debi Pearls’ child training methods were driven into me so firmly as a child that I didn’t even think to question them when I left Christian Patriarchy behind. I still believed that children must be trained to obey their parents unquestioningly, that children should be spanked starting as young as six or nine months, and that if parents did not break their children’s wills those children would grow up to be miserable, spoiled brats. Therefore, when I gave … [Read more...]