Should Atheists Be Exempted from Airport Security Checks?

Zoltan Iztvan is running for U.S. president as the candidate for the Transhumanist party, working to "put science, health, and technology at the forefront of American politics." One of his proposals is to exempt atheists from security screening at airports. He explains as follows:As an aspiring politician, I strive to improve society by applying statistical analysis to decision making. I look at numbers and facts, and try to logically create policy that achieves the greater good for society, … [Read more...]

Basically Decent People

Growing up as an evangelical, I was taught that everyone is born with original sin. I no longer believe in original sin. I know videos like this aren't scientific studies and don't really prove anything, but I appreciate them as reminders of the good that is in each of us. This particular video, filmed in Norway, was shot as part of a charity effort to send coats and other winter things to Syrian refugee camps.Click here to read more. … [Read more...]

Sally, Sean’s Wallet, and Moral Ethics

When we go grocery shopping, I generally let Sally choose something small for herself. On a recent trip, Sally made a choice that was more expensive than the price range I generally ask her to stick to. I could have had her put it back, but I could see she was entranced, so instead I put back the little marshmallows for hot chocolate and a few other things."Sally, since you wanted that little doll, I had to put some things back," I told her in the car. "So we didn't get the little … [Read more...]