Who D’you Think Made Your Clothes?

When we (by and large) stopped having sweatshops in the United States, sweat shops didn't disappear, they just relocated. Today our clothes come from countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh, and they're still made under the horrific working conditions that caused things like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire a century ago. Our clothing is still made using child labor and working hours much longer than we would consider humane. Even though we like to think we are, we're not really any better … [Read more...]

The Boston Marathon Bombings and a Manhunt

Boston and the surrounding suburbs have been essentially shut down today for the manhunt of the remaining Boston marathon bombing suspect. I know I have readers in that area---please stay safe everyone! This sort of manhunt doesn't happen all that frequently, and every time it does it makes me appreciate the role law enforcement plays in our society. My thoughts go out to the fallen officer.Between the Boston marathon bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion, I've been glad that we don't ha … [Read more...]