The Educational Inequality That Begins at Home

I recently came upon an article titled Teacher: I see the difference in educational privilege every day. I live it. I am disgusted by it. In it the author says this: Where there is money, there is education. Where there isn’t money, there is excessive testing, lack of curricular options, and struggle. There is the struggle to give students the tools they need to fight their way through a system that is designed to hold them back from the moment they take their first breath, from the moment they … [Read more...]

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Minorities, Appropriation, and Privilege Checking

What with trying to put together this week's Forward Thinking post and the first post of the Judaism 101 panel I'm hosting here, combined with trying to prepare for an academic conference, being out of town, working on projects that need doing around the house, and putting time into a new professional project, I don't actually have a post ready for you this morning. But I thought I'd share two comments that were made by the panelists in the Judaism 101 project, because I think they say some very … [Read more...]

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