Walking the Walk: In Which Tony Jones Makes Good

walking the walk

This morning I expressed some concern about a conversation progressive Christian Patheos blogger Tony Jones had with an anti-gay Malaysian pastor: Tony Jones is currently at a conference in Malaysia and on Friday wrote a post about how he answered a Malaysian pastor's questions about his views on homosexuality. After expressing concerns about the history of cultural imperialism in the American church, he finishes his post as follows: After explaining that I am a strong advocate for full i … [Read more...]

Who Owns the Bible?


After writing yesterday's post I read an exchange between Chris Hallquist and James McGrath regarding Fred Clark's quote. This exchange got me thinking about how evangelicals/fundamentalists and liberal Christians approach the Bible, and about how atheists approach evangelicals/fundamentalists and liberal Christians.First, Chris's post: A pet peeve of mine is liberal Christians who make ridiculous accusations against fundamentalists. For example, this quote from Fred Clarke, posted a few … [Read more...]