God as a Mystery Our Brains Cannot Comprehend

I recently came upon this image:It’s a frightful thing – thinking you have to get God right in order to get God to love you, thinking you’re always one error away from damnation. It’s a kind of legalism, really. . . . How ironic. The very condition of humanity is to be wrong about God. The moment we figure God out, God ceases to be God. Maybe it’s time to embrace the mystery and let ourselves off the hook.  - Rachel Held EvansOn one level I understand. I like being able to embrace th … [Read more...]

Walking the Walk: In Which Tony Jones Makes Good

This morning I expressed some concern about a conversation progressive Christian Patheos blogger Tony Jones had with an anti-gay Malaysian pastor: Tony Jones is currently at a conference in Malaysia and on Friday wrote a post about how he answered a Malaysian pastor's questions about his views on homosexuality. After expressing concerns about the history of cultural imperialism in the American church, he finishes his post as follows: After explaining that I am a strong advocate for full i … [Read more...]

Who Owns the Bible?

After writing yesterday's post I read an exchange between Chris Hallquist and James McGrath regarding Fred Clark's quote. This exchange got me thinking about how evangelicals/fundamentalists and liberal Christians approach the Bible, and about how atheists approach evangelicals/fundamentalists and liberal Christians.First, Chris's post: A pet peeve of mine is liberal Christians who make ridiculous accusations against fundamentalists. For example, this quote from Fred Clarke, posted a few … [Read more...]