Purity Rings: Marian’s Story

A Guest Post by Marian of Values from ScratchOne day in 11th grade my English teacher assigned us a writing exercise in which we were to come up with five poems about everyday objects.  I think we’d been reading William Carlos Williams, specifically “The Red Wheelbarrow.”  I love to write, but I hate poetry, so it was difficult for me.  As I cast my mind about for objects special enough to write poems on (completely missing the point of the assignment) my eyes fell on my purity ring, always s … [Read more...]

Purity Rings: Chryssie’s Story

A guest post by Chryssie of I Am A Beautiful MessAround my 13th birthday, I began noticing that several of my friends had "purity rings" and I really wanted to have one as well. I didn't fully understand or even relate to everything those rings stood for, but I was eager to have one, to fit in.  I begged my mom to get one for me, because I really wanted a ring.On my 13th birthday, my dad took me out to dinner for the usual daddy-date that happens on birthdays in my family. I don't … [Read more...]

Purity Rings: Kacy’s Story

A guest post by Kacy of The Ex-Convert“Come pick out your rings for the True Love Waits ceremony,” said my mom, holding a James Avery catalog.I was 17, and the ring ceremony would be held at my church in a few weeks.  I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the ceremony.   Although I actively participated in my school’s theater program, I always felt awkward and embarrassed in front of my church congregation when it came to religious proclamations.  My cheeks would become rosy when ask … [Read more...]

Purity Rings: From Two to One’s Story

A guest post by Danielle of From Two to One.I Wore A Purity Ring, But No One Got ItFor as perverted as my introduction to purity culture and rings was during my teenage years, I think fondly of my purity ring and its continuing role as my husband’s wedding ring. But as a feminist and a Christian, I straddle two conflicting worldviews on almost everything, but especially in the realm of marriage, relationships, and sexuality.While I understand why for some, if not most reading this blo … [Read more...]

Purity Rings: Rose’s Story

A guest post by RoseHi, my name is Rose. My purity ring story is that in seventh grade I found a plain gold wedding ring in my mom’s jewelry box. She explained to me that in addition to my father making her engagement ring, he had made her a plain gold wedding band for wearing under her medical gloves during part time work as a nurse midwife.  I always thought the story of my dad designing and making the wedding ring himself was so romantic, as my dad is in computers now, but had picked up me … [Read more...]

Purity Rings: Danielle’s Story

A guest post by DanielleI grew up in a fairly moderate Christian home.  It was an interesting dynamic with my mother being more politically liberal but strict on religious issues.  My father was the other way around, having been an adult convert.  He was a genuine “believer” but more laid back about “Christian lifestyle” kinds of issues although very politically conservative.  I was a teenager in the 90’s and so our church was into all the evangelical youth group culture stuff.  I read Brio m … [Read more...]

Purity Rings: Libby Anne’s Story

Dear Purity Ring,When I look at you, sitting there in my jewelry box, the memories flood over me.My dad gave you to me on my thirteenth birthday. He took me out to dinner, held out a jewelry box, opened it, and there you were. You were so beautiful, and I, thrilled to own a real piece of expensive jewelry, put you on my finger with excitement. But you were more than a beautiful ring, more than an expensive piece of jewelry. When my father gave you to me, I promised him that I would not … [Read more...]