Raised Quiverfull: Mainstream Culture

How were you first exposed to “mainstream” American culture? What were your first impressions? Joe: I was public schooled all my life and so lived in this "mainstream" culture first hand.  I say "lived in" because it was beaten into us that my siblings and I were sojourners in a foreign country.  Martyrs for the cause of patriarchal Christianity.  The only reason we had to be in this culture was because our evil father had forced it upon us. But I wanted it.  I wanted a girlfriend.  I wanted t … [Read more...]

“Because that’s how God made you”

The other day my daughter asked me a question:Mommy, why do I have two legs?As I looked into her curious face three answers ran through my mind:Because that's how God made you.Just because.I don't know! Let's go look it up. … [Read more...]

A Fractured Church, Part 2

I wrote yesterday about how fractured Christianity has always been. It almost seems like Christians have never been able to agree on, well, anything. Whether it's arguing over whether Judaic food laws are still in affect or the nature of Jesus' divinity or what happens at communion or whether Jesus would have been a Republican or a Democrat, the Christian church has always been, and continues to be, fractured. I wrote a bit yesterday also about the Emerging Church movement, made up of … [Read more...]

Patriarchy in Question: This Is Encouraging

I've said before that I grew up in a family influenced by the Christian Patriarchy movement, which teaches male headship and female submission, not only between the husband and wife but also between the father and daughter. In Christian Patriarchy, women must always be under male authority, and this includes not just some sort of nebulous "spiritual headship" but actual obedience and "protection." The existence of this movement will take many by surprise, but its influence is widespread in the … [Read more...]

Education and Indoctrination

Today I ran across a post called "Welcoming Doubt to Christian Education" on the Christianity Today blog. The author discusses the pitfalls and failures of Christian education, and then differentiates between education and indoctrination as follows: Human history is a series of pendulum swings from one extreme to another. This can be as true of individual growth as it is of culture, and some swings should not be prevented. But in the faith journey, perhaps such severe swings point to a … [Read more...]

Why We Keep Silent

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received a good number of emails from people who grew up with similar beliefs. They write to thank me for for my blog. “More of us need to speak up,” they tell me. That made me wonder? Why don’t we? What keeps us silent?First I think is the desire not to upset our parents. After all, parents who come to the beliefs of Christian Patriarchy do so because they love their children and want what’s best for them. When we speak out we need to work to distinguish b … [Read more...]

I Was Raised To Be A Skeptic

My parents taught me to be skeptical of scientists. After all, they told me, scientists and have agendas, and evolution and climate change are frauds.My parents taught me to be skeptical of doctors. After all, they told me, vaccines cause autism and doctors are too quick to prescribe medicines. My parents taught me to be skeptical of academia. After all, they told me, professors are leftist Marxists who brainwash their unwitting students.My parents taught me to be … [Read more...]